Day 31 – Self Care Day | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

This is it... the final day. Take this time to refresh and unwind with a self-care day. You've all heard this term – it's become a bit of a buzzword lately, just like "clean eating", "detox" and "me time". 

However, just like clean eating and detoxifying, taking care of yourself and looking after your needs is a crucial part of a happy and balanced life. To conclude our 31 Day Decluttering Challenge I want us to take this time to create a little reset routine that we can come back to when ever we feel overwhelmed, disconnected or cluttered. Are you ready? :)

The Goal

  • winding down
  • refocussing
  • reducing stress & anxiety
  • being more productive & creative
  • promoting inner calm
  • improved physical & mental health
  • increased positive thinking 
  • increased self-esteem
  • increased self-awareness & self-love
  • overall improved quality of life

Guiding Questions

What can I do to make myself feel good today?
Is binge-watching movies my idea of "self care"?
If so, am I confusing self-indulgence with self-care?
Is there anything I've been putting off for a while?
Do I feel sluggish?
Which activity inspires me?
Which aspect on my happiness list can I nurture today?
Do I need something energizing, or something relaxing today?
Does self care seem like another chore on my to-do list?

Working Steps

1. Take care of yourself

What does your self care day look like? Maybe you want to consult your happiness list for some inspiration. Or maybe you already what you're craving! If not, don't stress yourself. Do something that comes naturally to you and that doesn't feel like an added stress factor.

Here are some suggestions:

make your bed
read a good book
soak your feet 
do a sugar or salt scrub
take a walk
go braless for the day
listen to music – just close your eyes and listen 
listen to an inspiring podcast
drink a relaxing tea
make art – draw, paint, scribble with crayons, splash some watercolours, write
meditate for 5 minutes
take a nap
write yourself a love letter – e.g. 20 things you like about yourself
spend some time in the sun 
wear you PJs all day – or as soon as you come home
wrap yourself up in a cosy fleece blanket and sip a cup of hot chocolate
light a candle
take a long, relaxing bath
do body brushing
enjoy a massage or facial
watch the sunrise or sunset
give yourself a manicure
make your favourite meal 
eat mindfully
write down 10 things you feel grateful for
buy yourself some flowers
try a new workout you've never done before
make 2 of 3 meals meatless
wear your favourite scent or accessory
go cloud-watching
go outside, lie on your back and let Mother Earth carry your weight
create a vision board for yourself
call someone you love 
go out dancing
kick-start your day with some positive affirmations
breathe, deeply and slowly
say no to extra obligations or chores
hydrate – have you had enough water today?
unplug for an hour or two 
put on some fairy lights in your bedroom
go to bed early

What ever makes you feel most alive and inspired! This day is for YOU.

2. Celebrate

You did it! We did it! The challenge is over. CONGRATULATIONS! Now is the time to throw confetti and savour your success. You're 31 steps closer to achieving a cleaner, tidier home and a more productive and creative life! :)

Let me know if you did (at least part of) the challenge with me, and what you think of it! 

PS. Don't forget to empty your four outboxes! Sell, donate, recycle, toss. So hand in what you decided to donate, recycle or repair what needs to be, take photos of what you want to sell (or organize a garage sale), and discard the rest accordingly.