Day 05 – Jewellery | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Your assignment for today is to cull your jewellery. Jewellery is something wonderful. It can make us feel beautiful, but it can also clutter our jewellery box and disappear amidst a pile of shiny stuff.

Today we say goodbye to anything that just takes up space and attracts dust, and we make room for the pieces that are dear to us. This can be tricky as some of the jewellery we own is inherited, there may be sentimental memories attached to it, and some has been expensive and it seems like a waste of money to get rid of it. At the moment my favourite piece of jewellery is a cut clear quartz crystal necklace that my grandma gave me for my birthday last month – it is said to have a cleansing and clarifying energy, and enhance concentration. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

The Goal

  • a clutter-free, organized jewellery collection
  • a few pieces that you love and wear all the time
  • quality pieces instead of brummagem jewellery
  • an easy-to-clean jewellery box
  • no more tangled necklaces!

Guiding Questions

Do I love every single piece I own?
Is this my style, now?
Does it look pretty on me?
Is all of my jewellery of high quality?
Do I enjoy my cheap jewellery pieces? 
Do any of them stain? 
Do I feel good wearing this piece of jewellery?
When is the last time I wore this jewellery?
Do I have outfit(s) that I can wear this with? Or did I already declutter the outfit(s) it went with?

Working Steps

1. Declutter

Spread out your entire jewellery collection on your bed or a table:

body chains

Also clean your empty jewellery boxes or drawers.

2. Go through your guiding questions

Is your jewellery so cluttered that you never wear it? Do you really need 30 pairs of earrings? Was any of this a whimsical purchase that just seems silly now?

3. Assess and organize

Pick a few pieces that you value and love. The rest will go on your don't keep pile.

4. Return

Return your favourite pieces of jewellery back into your drawer or box. Maybe find a new storage system, e.g. hangers for your necklaces, a crystal to display your rings or bracelets on etc. A cool way to store earrings is by using buttons to prevent tangling – this is also great for when you're travelling!

5. Donate / Discard

Sell any jewellery that is valuable and in excellent condition.

Give away any pieces of jewellery that have personal value to you but no longer bring you joy to friends or family members. 

Donate those pieces of jewellery that are still in good shape, but neither high in quality nor of personal value to you. Somebody else might still enjoy them.

Toss any broken pieces of jewellery (a pendant missing its stone, a single earring without its matching mate, a necklace missing a link, a broken bracelet hook, and so on) that you don't care to have fixed, or that are beyond repair.

6. Celebrate

It's already day 05, can you believe it? Well done! Why don't you put on your favourite piece of jewellery to celebrate? See you tomorrow!