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Hello friends!

As part of #blogtober this year I am dedicating the month of October to declutter and let go of any unnecessary physical and emotional baggage. 

October is the first proper autumn month, the leaves change their colour, and everything slowly beings to retreat and die. I love fall for its releasing qualities because it means making room for something new and fresh to come. Just like the trees shed their leaves, I invite you to take part in this 31 day challenge and to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. 

We will start decluttering and letting go on Sunday October 1st. 

Here is an overview of the challenge ahead. 

The Goal 

Before embarking on this journey, it's very helpful to set your intentions for the challenge. Overall, the goal of this challenge is of course to minimise your trash, to declutter your physical space and also your mental space. But the motivation to do so is different for everybody, and it's important to get clear about your own intentions. Why are you doing this challenge? What are you working towards? Are there any obstacles, and how can you overcome them? 

Here is my personal list as an example: 

• having a clean, tidy space 
• not feeling weighed down or stressed by my belongings 
• getting rid of the unnecessary 
• creating a space that feels freeing, inspiring and creative 
• having less things to worry about 
• spending less time tidying up my mess 
• feeling completely comfortable in my home 
• making the cleaning process easier 
• being surrounded by only the things I love 
• not having multiple I-don't-really-know-what-to-do-with-this-stuff piles 
• focusing on what is important and appreciating what I already have 

Prepare for the challenge 

Don't worry, you won't have to study for a test or anything like that, but there are a few things to keep in mind before starting the challenge. 

1. Safe the challenge checklist below. 

To make sticking to the plan easier, transfer the daily tasks into your calendar, or print out the checklist below. That way you are more likely to stick to the daily assignments and not get scared by the upcoming challenge. 

2. Make time for 30 minutes each day for your daily decluttering session. 

Set a timer and get going! If you aren't finished after 30 minutes, you are free to put everything back to its place and return to it another time. Of course, if you want to devote more time to each session than 30 minutes, do it! Just don't overdo it, or you won't have any energy left for the next session. 

 3. Don't stress yourself. 

If you have to skip a day because there's no time to squeeze in a decluttering session that day, that is okay. Just make up for it on another day. Or do one of the mental decluttering tasks instead. 

4. Make sure you have four boxes, bags or baskets at hand. 

During the decluttering process, you will sort the items you no longer like or need into four categories: sell, donate, recycle, toss. Each category will go into its designated box or bag, making it easier to keep your space tidy and organized. Please keep in mind: the point of decluttering and minimizing is NOT to create as much trash as possible! So try to recycle and re-purpose as many things as possible, and please don't throw away anything that might make another person happy. 

5. Everything has to find a home – if it has no home, get rid of it. 

As heartless as this sounds, this is one of the best rules to go by in order to create and maintain a clutter free home. Homeless items are usually those that don't have any real use to us and only take away space. Be ruthless, and give away those items that don't seem to fit anywhere in your home. 

6. Take before and after pictures.

This isn't mandatory of course, but keeping a record of your decluttering process will a) help you appreciate the work that you have done so far, and b) motivate you to keep going. Believe me, looking at your before's and after's is so satisfying!

The 31 day checklist 

You can also download the checklist in PDF format here: 31 Days Decluttering Checklist

See you on October 1st for the first declutter session! I'm pumped! :)

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Thank you, Marilyn, for featuring my project over at the Over the Moon link party!