Day 04 – Linens & Towels | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Now that our closets are all cleared up it's time to turn to another space that tends to overflow and turn into a huge mess! Time to air your dirty laundry and sort through your linens and towels. Which are the ones that create clutter and laundry instead of comfort? Let's do this!

The Goal

  • an organized, accessible space
  • a tidy and well-functioning storage system
  • comfort instead of clutter
  • fresh smelling linens

Guiding Questions

Are all my linens and towels in good shape?
Do I like the colour scheme of my linens and towels? 
Do I really need 4 beach towels for myself?
Are any of the linens and towels too big or too bulky?
Do I have enough – or too many – matching sheets?
Are all the blankets comfortable and soft?
Do the towels dry quickly, or do they tend to smell after a short time?

Working Steps

1. Declutter

Remove everything from your linen closet:

wash cloths
duvet covers
pillow cases

Also clean out the empty drawers and shelves.

2. Go through your guiding questions

Which blankets do you actually curl up in and lounge, and which only take up space in the closet? How many towels do you need per person? Do you have a colour scheme you want to stick to, e.g. soft pastels for the bedroom, blue and white for the bathroom etc.?

3. Assess and organize

Sort everything into keep and don't keep piles. Maybe some of your linens omit an unpleasant odour due to an overloading of the shelves and just need a good wash.

4. Return

Put your keep pile back into your linen closet. 

To prevent it from turning into a wrinkled mess again, take the time to fold every single item. Roll fluffy towels so that they're easier to grab without messing up your stack. Use sorting boxes or pretty baskets to organize your sheets into sizes or sets. Otherwise, labelling the shelves will also help to keep everything neatly arranged. Colour coding or monogramming your towels for each person is another great idea to make washing and organizing easier. I recommend having 3 towels per person and 2 sets of sheets per bed.

Perhaps it's time to find a new place for some of your linens: Maybe put a set of ready-to-grab towels in your bathroom cabinet, and store your bedsheets and pillow cases in boxes under the bed. Use lavender bags and pillow mists to keep your linens smelling fresh and lovely!

5. Donate / Discard

Look at your don't keep pile. Are there any ripped sheets, ragged towels or stained tablecloths or ugly pillow cases that you could re-purpose as dust covers, cleaning rags, to wash the car or to dry off the dog? If you don't have any use for your old linens, maybe a local animal shelter will appreciate them!

6. Celebrate

Hooray, you're done for the day! Good work. Now is the perfect time to put clean sheets on your bed, mist your pillows, and have a good night's sleep!