Day 03 – What Makes You Happy | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Today I want you to make yourself comfortable, sit back and make a list of what makes you happy, and what doesn't. Grab a piece of paper or your notebook, cosy up to your sofa with a cup of coffee or tea, and let your mind wander. Today is all about your happiness and well-being!

But, uh, what if you don't actually know what makes you happy? What if you don't have a certain hobby you are super passionate about? What if the things that seem to make other people happy just don't do much for you? Well, then this exercise is exactly what you need to help you get a better sense of what it is that brings you joy :)

The Goal

  • a clear idea of what fulfils you
  • inspiration to create the life you want
  • finding your own source of energy
  • more joy, less stress

Guiding Questions

How do I spend most of my day?
What do I enjoy most about my day?
Is there anything I've always wanted to do, but never got to do?
What am I looking forward to after work?
How can I incorporate more of the things that make me happy into my day?
Which aspects of my life don't make me happy?
How can I reduce those aspects? 
What did I love to do as a kid?

Working Steps

Today there are no working steps other than taking the time to check in on yourself and write your personal happiness list. See you tomorrow for our next declutter project!

PS. Here's a fun little happiness test to help you discover what brings you joy :)