About Me

Hey there! This is me: Maisy (pronounce: macy), also known as Madita. A wildflower, creative spirit and kitchen mess maker.

I live in Northern Germany with my boyfriend J and our many, erm, "children": guinea pigs Hedwig and Horsti, kombucha SCOBY Mariechen, sourdough starter Puffy, and about 50 indoor plants 😂😊

I'm happiest when I'm hiking through nature – preferably forests – or stuck between the pages of a book, a milky chai tea in one hand, a chocolate chip cookie in the other. My love language is food.

I started this blog in 2013 when I was studying for my
bachelor's degree in creative writing (yes, there's a bachelor's degree for that ðŸĪŠ), and ever since then it has always been a place where I "collect" pieces of my overwhelmingly many passions in life, such as creativity, wild herbs, experimenting in the kitchen, self-healing, and exploring my own path in life.


  • Easy & (mostly) healthy recipes that are vegan or plant-based
  • Homemade natural beauty ideas
  • My experience with foraging
  • DIY projects for your home and homemade gifts for friends and family
  • Ways to simplify and "healthify" your life
  • My experience with alternative holistic healing practices, such as herbal medicine and other natural remedies
  • Input on manifestation and self-empowerment
  • and a few other bits and bobs :)

My personal passions (and topics on this blog) range from plant-based eating to making my own skin care products,
foraging for wild foods, homebrewing (kombucha 😍), small-scale vegetable gardening, pagan seasonal festivals and fictional foods. I consider myself a bookish "Suburban hippie", vegan food enthusiast, and lover of nature. I feel especially drawn to reclaiming and re-learning my feminine roots, exploring plant magic, wildcrafting, and other "old ways".

It should be disclaimed that I am in no way an expert in medicine, wildcrafting or even entertainment – but I am eager to learn all that I can about any topics surrounding homesteading, herbs and healing.


Healthy Obsessions – reading fantasy & witchy books, getting lost in my own stories, green indoor plants, wildcrafting, over-sized mugs, ceremonial cacao, crystals, wildflowers, cosy minimalism, the moon, candles
Favourite Food – sushi, coconut curry, chocolate chip cookies
Favourite Books – Fictional: Wise Child, The Lord of the Rings, The Starless Sea. Non-fictional: The Artist's Way, You Can Heal Your Life, Sacred Woman
Favourite Movies – The Lord of the Rings, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away