Day 07 – Accessories | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Week 1 is almost over – how is it going? We've already sorted through our jewellery, beauty and clothes collection, and that's a huge accomplishment. But what's left before we move on to the next area in our home, like the bathroom, can still be quite a challenge. It's about time to cull your accessories – a place that gets easily cluttered or forgotten about!

The Goal

  • a selection of only much-loved accessories
  • purposeful, versatile pieces
  • better storing solutions
  • quick access to your favourite pieces

Guiding Questions

Do I like wearing this?
Which are my go-to accessories?
Do my accessories go with my clothing items?
Am I holding on to purses that I haven't used in years?
Did I wear all of my gloves, hats and scarves last winter?
Do I have belts that don't fit or don't fit my style any more?
Which pieces do I wear only on rare occasions?
Do I really need them? 

Working Steps

1. Declutter

Remove all your accessory items from their homes and put them onto your bed or a clean surface:

hair bands
hair clips

2. Go through your guiding questions

Did you wear all of your accessories from last season? Anything that doesn't fit you or your style any more? A souvenir you bought on vacation but don't actually where at home? Let it go!

3. Assess and organize

You know the drill by now: Put the pieces you actually reach for and enjoy to wear on your keep pile. Put the rest on your don't keep pile.

4. Return

Return everything from your keep pile to its designated home – or find a new home for it! 
Handbags could be stacked into each other, glasses can be stored in a drawer or on a clothes hanger, scarves can also be hung up on a clothes hanger or a curtain rod with shower curtain rings attached to one wall of your closet, hats can be stored in boxes or hung up on the wall like picture frames, belts and/or ties can be hung up on (repurposed) coat racks, hair ties and bobby pins should be stored in small clear containers...

5. Donate / Discard

Sell any items that are in perfectly good shape, but that don't suit you, fit you or make you happy any more.

Donate anything that is still in good shape, but maybe not pretty, trendy or valuable enough to sell (like those tacky sunglasses you were given at a festival, or that knitted beanie that you grandma made for you but you don't really like).

Recycle / Repair anything that is holey, worn out or simply broken.

Toss any items that are broken beyond repair (e.g. glasses) or too ragged to be recycled.

6. Celebrate

And you're done with week one! Time to pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rest of your day! See you tomorrow – it's gonna get decorative...

some of my favourite accessories... and a super stained mirror 😂