Day 11 – Do Yoga | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Even though it might seem like a minor detail, moving your body is actually an important part of our decluttering process. By stretching or doing yoga we allow our body to detoxify and get the juices flowing. For today's session I chose yoga because of its numerous health benefits for body and mind, but you could also do some gentle pilates exercises or simple stretching instead. 

Besides all-around fitness and stable energy levels, practising yoga on a regular basis will lead to an overall calmer, happier and more harmonious way of living. Instead of getting rid of physical or mental clutter today we clear any energy blocks and let go of any tension in our bodies!

The Goal

  • peace of mind
  • stress relief
  • taking care of our body (and mind)
  • improved energy & vitality
  • increased muscle strength & tone
  • better flexibility 
  • better posture 
  • mental clarity & calmness
  • a more positive outlook on life

Guiding Questions

How is my all-around fitness?
Do I often feel stressed out and mentally worn out?
Are any parts of my body particularly sore or tense?
Do I have a hard time concentrating? 
Is my schedule too tight to exercise?
Do I move my body regularly?
Do I frequently suffer from headaches?
Do I feel depressed or lacking in motivation? 
What can I do to take care of my body?
Can I devote 10 minutes each day to do so? 

Working Steps

There are no exact working steps today. All you need is some sort of a mat (or even your bed), your body, and 30 minutes of your time. Either do freestyle stretching, or use a YouTube video as guide. Here are some suggestions:

Love Yoga Flow (35 min)
Yoga for Bedtime (20 min) 
Fiery Leg Yoga (25 min)
Or this longer Yoga Camp - I Release sequence that perfectly matches the topic of our 31 Day Challenge (45 min)

Put on some comfy clothes, and move your body!

PS: There are many, many more great yoga tutorials out there! Yoga With Adriene is just my personal favourite :)

If possible, take the rest of your day off. Rest, put your feet up, drink a pumpkin spiced latte, watch some Netflix, read an inspiring book or magazine, go for a walk in a nearby park and feed the ducks, or whatever your heart desires... See you tomorrow – this time in the kitchen ;)