Day 25 – Social Media | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello internet friends! 

We are approaching the end of the challenge. What's left now is the non-physical decluttering. Today I want you to sort through your social media and decide which of the accounts you follow make you feel good, and which don't. 

Just as physical clutter can cloud the mind and hinder your focus, so can digital clutter. Let's throw out any content that doesn't have an uplifting, inspirational or positive impact on your life. Here we go!

The Goal

  • positive input
  • sources of inspiration instead of envy
  • simplifying your digital life
  • organizing your digital connections
  • wasting less time and energy
  • more activity, less passivity 
  • creating instead of consuming
  • a stress-free feed

Guiding Questions

Am I obsessed with any social media sites?
Does this site/person make me feel good about myself?
Does their content inspire me, or does it make me feel less of a person?
Is this website informative?
What is my motivation/purpose to follow this person/site?
Does the frequency of their uploads stress me out?

Working Steps

1. Declutter

Open every single social media site you follow or are subscribed to. If you use different apps (such as twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube etc) to follow people, start with one app – maybe the one you use most frequently.

2. Go through your guiding questions

Which sites are your favourites? Why are they your favourites? Do you compare yourself with this person, wishing you were them? Does this person/site make you happy? Do you feel like the sites are consuming you instead of the other way around?

3. Assess and organize

Now it's time to let go of what has become a stress factor instead of a source of inspiration and happiness:

  • Unfollow people / social media sites that do not inspire you
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions
  • Unfollow tags, groups, pages and lists that no longer benefit you
  • Unfriend "friends" you don't really care about – or at least hide their updates so they won't annoy you any more 
  • Deactivate unused online accounts
  • Turn off certain settings in your social media accounts if you're getting too many emails and pop-ups
  • Delete any social media apps that don't bring you joy but only consume your time and energy

Prioritize! Depending on your main purpose of following or using other websites (inspiration, information, entertainment, social/business contacts etc) focus on keeping those that serve this purpose. Get rid of any meaningless mumbo-jumbo.

Be ruthless! Don't waste any more time on tracing other people's lives – live your own life! 

Now that you've decluttered your social media feed, it's time to organize. Create a bookmark folder for each category, such as "DIY Blogs", "News", "Movie Reviews" etc. Keep your most frequently visited pages in your bookmark toolbar for easy access.

Also check into your own social media activity. Are you posting stuff because you want to, or because you feel like you have to because posting regularly is great for strengthening your SEO? What does your target audience look like? Which is the most efficient social media tool for your purposes? Try to reduce them to two or three (in my case it's blogger, facebook and pinterest).

4. Celebrate

Time to switch off the computer and celebrate how awesome you are for completing today's mission! Instead of keeping up with online events, maybe catch up with some of your "real life" friends tonight :)

PS: Don't worry – once this month is over I won't spam you with daily posts any more 🙈

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