Day 22 – Electronics | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

I'm not sure if this is a challenge for many people, but either way I want you to unclutter your electronic items today – so computer stuff, camera equipment, cords, plugs, etc. The good thing about these items is that they are definitely not emotionally charged, but many of us keep a lot of them just in case we "might need them some day".

If you don't own more than a mobile phone and speakers you can take the day off or use this time to cull your music and playlist!

The Goal

  • cutting back on useless electronics
  • quick access to your frequently used items
  • maximizing space
  • no more homeless items
  • no more tangled cords!

Guiding Questions

Do I know what this is and how to use it?
Do I use this regularly?
When have I last used this item?
Do I enjoy using it?
Does it work?
Are my drawers overflowing with random electronics?
Is "But what if I need them some day?" the only reason I've kept this?

Working Steps

1. Declutter

Gather all your electronics and put them in one place, including:

computers / tablets
mobile phones
mp3 players
CD players
game consoles
memory cards
flash drives 
electric razors
hair straighteners / dryers / curlers 

Wipe off the empty surfaces. 

2. Go through your guiding questions

Do you really need that extra mouse? And that old VCR player? And three sets of headphones? Do you even know what this cord or charger belongs to? Are any items broken or missing parts?

3. Assess and organize

Going through your guiding questions, decide which items to keep and which not. Let go of any items that 

a) are broken
b) are outdated
c) are missing pieces (e.g. chargers for electronics you no longer have)
d) you don't use
e) don't even know what it's used for. 

Keep only the items you genuinely use and need. 

In my case, it's my computer, my phone, my camera, my epilator, my hair straightener, two flash drives, two memory cards, one external hard drive, and the respective chargers.

4. Return

Put all items you decided to keep in their designated spot, or find a spot if they don't have one. 

Use storage containers or old shoe boxes to keep cables and equipment organized. Don't forget to label them accordingly! 

Use binder clips or toilet paper rolls to get cables under control. To avoid mistaking your cords when unplugging use tags to mark each one.

The more often you use an item, the closer it should sit to your works pace. For example, I use my camera USB cord almost daily and therefore I keep it plugged into my computer permanently.

5. Donate / Discard

Sell any items that you don't use any more, but that are in perfectly good shape and of value, such as phones, cameras, laptops, lenses, bluetooth speaker etc. Make sure you clear the hard drive on computers and phones before selling them!!

Donate any slightly outdated but still-functioning gadgets that are too old to be sold at a good price.

Recycle your true dinosaurs that are too old or too broken to donate. Don't just throw them in the trash though! Do your part and find a responsible recycler or retailer in your area.

6. Celebrate

As always, it's time to celebrate your success! I hope you're enjoying the challenge and finding it helpful so far. Enjoy the rest of your day :)