Day 21 – Bad Habits | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends! 

Are you ready for the next session? Your assignment for this lovely Saturday is to monitor and get rid of one bad habit. As abstract as this sounds, I want you to take this seriously. 

Whether it's smoking, biting your nails, snapping at your boyfriend, staying up late on your phone, overeating, skipping breakfast, procrastinating, popping zits, talking about someone behind their back, negative self talk / self criticism, being a know-it-all, being late all the time... what ever it is, don't get discouraged! You CAN change your habits. Today we break the first ground.

The Goal

  • replacing your bad habit with a good one
  • wasting less time and energy
  • increased self awareness
  • increased self discipline
  • more positivity in your life
  • feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • becoming your best self

Guiding Questions

Do I feel anxious or stressed?
Do I feel bored?
Do I feel like less of a person?
Does this bad habit make me feel better?
Why am I doing this?
What feelings are attached to it?
What can I do to substitute this habit?

Working Steps

Once again, there are no working steps. The only thing I want you to do is to identify ONE bad habit you have, let go of it, and replace it with a good one. For example, when ever you feel the need to smoke, do breathing exercises or a 10-minute workout instead. When you feel the need to procrastinate, just write a detailed to-do list with all the required working steps – this will make it easier to beat your procrastinating.

In my case, I definitely have more than one bad habit that I know I should be laying off. The one I am tackling today that is depicted in the title image is my tendency to compare myself to others, either people on the internet and in real life, or two how I used to be/look like. I know that it's stupid and unhealthy, but I still do it sometimes. Today I will make an effort to notice when I am doing it again, and instead of comparing myself and feeling bad afterwards I will remind myself that I'm okay the way I am.

Now it's your turn! 

What's your one bad habit that you are going to tackle today? Take your time to figure it out today. See you tomorrow for our next declutter session :)