Weekly Meal Plan CW 36


Hi guys,

this will be the last Weekly Meal Plan for September as my boyfriend and I are going on a family vacation with my parents and my granny until the end of the month, and we are probably going to eat out most of the time so there's no point in doing a meal plan for that time. But don't worry, there will be other posts waiting for you :)

Until October, enjoy this overview of what my boyfriend and I cooked last week!

↠ If you want to make your own menu for the week, you can download and print the template over here.

What's on the menu?

- On Monday we made one of my boyfriend's favourites: chili with rice that we filled into store-bought tortilla wraps and ate as burritos with salad, tomatoes and hummus. Yum! Exact recipe: over here.

- On Tuesday we made another one of our staples: potato chips with oven roasted zucchini, garlic, a tasty side salad and homemade tomato hummus (chickpeas, garlic, soy milk, oil, tomato paste, mustard, rice vinegar).

- On Wednesday my boyfriend tried out a new recipe: millet stir-fry with bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, leek and this white sauce (we added 1 tsp of mustard + 1 tsp of nutritional yeast). Similar recipe: over here.

- On Thursday I made a sweet potato chickpea spinach stew with brown rice, another one of our favourites. Similar recipes: here and here.

- On Friday we made a quick veggie lo mein with red bell pepper, broccoli, leek, peas and soba noodles. Similar recipes: here and here.

- On Saturday we made pan fried polenta slices (similar recipe: over here) with creamy mushroom sauce (brown mushrooms, red bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, parsley, garlic, walnuts), and on Sunday we made veggie buddha bowls with all of our leftover veggies (zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, corn, kidney beans, tofu). I also made an apple walnut loaf cake that I might actually turn into a recipe post. Keep your eyes peeled...

What's on your menu this week?