My Little Garden Grows

reading time: ca. 2 min

Hi to all of you little earthlings :)

Following My Little Garden (Earth Day) project in April, i want to show you the progress that our balcony has made since then! For those of you who are new to my blog, this planting project is part of my Day Zero Project, task 8 being to "Plant a windowsill herb garden", task 13 being to "Plant tomatoes and or other fruit and vegetables" and task 75 being to "Plant a tree on Earth Day". So far, task 8 and task 75 have been successfully accomplished, but task 13 (planting tomatoes and or other fruit and vegetables) have not really come to flower yet, so to say :)

But that changes now! On our tiny but sunny balcony and on my windowsills, we have planted thyme, lettuce, chives and parsley (not pictured), lavender and two tomato plants! And they're growing like crazy. See for yourself!


left: April // right: July

Look! We even made some Lavender Ice Cream out of the blossoms, how cool is that?! So proud of my lavender babies :) (yes, i speak of my plants as children, lol)

Of course you don't have to eat the lavender, you could also dry the blossoms and use them as a filling to make Lavender Bags, perfect for making your clothes/closets/drawers smell better. I'm sure there are many more things you could do with lavender, such as tea, soap, perfume and whatnot.



Unfortunately there are no tomatoes yet, i suppose the plants are not big enough to bear any fruit yet, but my green babies are constantly growing and my room is turning into a little jungle, and i love it!

//EDIT: Look! Tomatoes!! Well, at least one tiny tomato. And it was so sweet and delicious!

Okay that's it for now, friends.

Stay golden - or should i say "stay green"? Haha... ha... ha.

Lots of love!