2015 Ice Cream Galore [Summer Special]

reading time: ca. 1 min

Hello lovely,
do you remember my 2014 Ice Cream Galore? Then you know what time it is!

The agenda is the same as last year: over the course of July i presented to you a total of 21 raw vegan Ice Creams. Yep, that's right. 21 raw, vegan, dairy-free ice creams made of plants (or rather: fruits) only! Different ones than last year, obviously. Because i actually do eat nicecream for breakfast pretty much every day, and try to change up the flavour as often as possible. The possibilities are endless!

So there was a blog post every single day for the month of July, until you get sick of it - which let's hope you won't. I joked about changing my blog name to The Ice Cream Girl last year, but right now i'm thinking, maybe The Nice (Cream) Girl would be even better, haha! (still joking though)

Raw vegan ice creams are super easy to make and super good for you: free of unnatural sugars, processed ingredients, animal products, and chemicals. Apart from that it does not require much time, money, or many ingredients to prepare this beauty. Oh and it does NOT require an ice cream maker either! How great is that? So if you do not have the luxury of an actual ice cream maker, use a blending machine, a food processor, a juicer, or even a hand-held blender. I used to swear on my high-speed blender (this one), but ever since moving a shared flat that already owned a food processor, i am not going back to blending unless it's a bloody expensive Vitamix! Food processor for the win!!

Now, enough rambling. And more ice cream!

Knock yourself out my dear.