In Honour of Women's Day

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5 years ago on International Women's Day I published a blog post titled "Who Run The World?" where I shared 6 women who had an empowering and inspiring influence on my life including authors and other public figures as well as my mum.

Today I want to add 6 more women to this list, who are all very different, although m
ost of them are in fact "influencers". All of those amazing women have had a great impact on me, especially during the past year, and continue to inspire me. If you were to ask me which "celebrities" I would like to meet – these are the ones!

I also want to invite you to treat this as an old-fashioned TAG, and share your own list of women – whether it's someone famous or someone from your family – that you look up to, or that have inspired or influenced you in a positive way!

Here are 6 (more) women that inspire and encourage me:

Louise L. Hay – Having read her book "You Can Heal Your Life" twice as well as having listened to her audiobooks "101 Power Thoughts" and "Love Your Body" numerous times, it is not an exaggeration to say that Louise Hay has been living in my mind rent-free for the past year. I admire her outlook on life, and the fact that she died peacefully in her sleep at age 90 (as opposed to other self-help authors that died from cancer in their forties ...) is merely one of many reasons why I trust her advice. Her work has helped me more on my path of self-healing than any other books I've read so far.

Hitomi Mochizuki – If you are looking for the big sister you never had, Hitomi will be there for you with infinite honesty, rawness and spiritual insight. This beautiful earth angel never ceases to inspire me and remind me to play, to take care of my inner child as well as my adult needs, to be my full honest vulnerable self, to act out of love, to set healthy boundaries, to enjoy the sensual world by being fully present in my body, and to make love to life. To me, she embodies self-inquiry, healing, and connection (be that with nature, in fulfilling friendships, or through sacred sexuality).

Adriene Mishler – Speaking of a wise big sister ... Better known as Yoga with Adriene, this lovely lady has accompanied and guided me on my (yoga and spiritual and life) journey for almost exactly 10 years now! I absolutely love that her yoga videos have evolved from being more goofy and upbeat (which made me connect to her in the beginning, and I love this aspect of her, too) to her unapologetically letting her spiritual beliefs and wisdom seep into her videos. Adriene (and Benji of course!) has taught me to trust, to listen, to notice, and to blanket myself in love. And of course to "find what feels good" by staying present in my body :)

Galatea Van Outersterp (aka The Authentic Observer)
– I've mentioned Galatea on my blog before because I adore her wonderfully articulated and thoughtful videos on all sorts of topics, from books and movies to aspects of society. She is smart as hell and not afraid to make bold statements that others might not agree with, while being open for discussion. Her videos are always thought-provoking (and sometimes also provoking), and while I do not agree with every single sentence she says, I hugely respect her views on the topics she discusses, and I find her way of embracing femininity as a strength and not a weakness without reducing "femininity" to a certain set of desirable traits (unlike others) very inspiring.

Rachel Maksy
– No, this is not Angelina Jolie. Although it is certainly Lara Croft, cosplayed by the talented Rachel Maksy! Honestly, there's nothing crafty Rachel cannot do, from creating awesome pieces of clothing, make-up, painting, home-renovating and paper-mâché-ing to needle felting. Her artistic skill and creativity combined with her humour always makes me want to be a better human, basically 😂 Oh, and she has an amazing sense of aesthetics, both in her video editing and in her overall style.

Joanna Kyu (aka Joannas Essentials)
– Joanna has always promoted a natural, nourishing way of living, but her more recent videos take it to another level. Especially her videos "From Blogger to Living Offline in Nature" and "Natural Living & Building in the Jungle » A Return to Nature" have had an eye-opening effect on me, and have stirred up the urge in me to get away from the desk, away from the mobile phone, and live in a more rural, simple, close-to-nature and actually sustainable environment outside of the European bubble I'm currently stuck in. Not sure what this will look like, but the ball has started rolling ...

Also, I've heard from several people that apparently what you aspire and admire in others is already within you! The argument is that to see something in another person, you have to already know what it is / have experienced it before. So I guess somewhere within me I already am stunningly creative and talented, smart, wise, articulate, unabashedly feminine, sensual, in peace with myself and life itself, admirable, free-spirited, wise, empowered, embodied, and sustainable. Awesome!  😁