Who Run The World?

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(Well, actually women, not girls ...)

It's International Women's Day today, and what better opportunity to celebrate girl power and awesome women! 

Last year the influencer Zoella made a blog post called Who Run The World? where she shared which women have had a positive impact on her life and inspire her on a daily basis. I want to turn this into a TAG so that everyone can do the same. Instead of comparing us to each females, judging them, and competing with them, let's appreciate, uplift and empower each other! :)

Here are 6 women that inspire and encourage me:

Jenny-Mai Nuyen – This German Vietnamese author wrote her first book at the age of 13 and now lives as a full time writer. She is the one who first inspired me to become a "professional" writer and gave me the courage to keep writing, to follow my heart and pursue my passion. (Oh, and she's also an amazing painter! So much artistic talent!)

rupi kaur – Although I'm usually not a big fan of poetry, this phenomenal Indian-born Canadian writer and illustrator and her very raw and powerful poetry book milk and honey had a huge impact on the way I perceive my body, my femininity and my overall sexuality. I love her clear and straight-forward voice.

Kate Morton – Yet another author, which probably doesn't come as a surprise since I am an aspiring novel writer myself. I adore her elegant prose, her complex characters (most of whom are female, by the way) and her skilfully entangled plots, which turn every single book of hers into an enthralling and beautiful read. There's something truly magical about the atmosphere she creates in her stories.

Michelle Obama – I'm not somebody who is particular interested in politics, but the former (first African American!) First Lady changed that. Being an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating, she is a true role model for every woman (and man) out there, not to mention her impressive career, her elegant style, and her deep love for her husband and family.

Emma Watson – When I was younger my biggest dream was to be like Emma Watson one day. She is gorgeous, she is smart, and she uses her prominence to address women's rights issues, e.g. in shape of the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to participate in gender equality.

My Mum I mean, look at that photo! She's basically me (personality-wise) but with brown hair and darker skin 😄 I truly believe that my mum is the reason I'm the emphatic, powerful, bright woman I am today. She always shows me to be unique, to follow my own path, to question everything, to live mindfully and to stay true to myself. Also, she is one of the most wise and spiritual people I know, in the best way possible.

Last but not least I try to be my own role model in terms of embracing my soft, emotional, empathetic and passionate feminine energy, and tapping into that "girl power" :) Here's to us women, each powerful in their own way!

I'm officially tagging Sophie from Wholehearted Eats, Mary over at The Boondocks Blog, and Michelle Leslie from A Crafty Mix!

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