Journal Prompts for the New Year

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Energetically, we are in the midst of several shifts: the seasons are shifting with the winter solstice having taken place a few days ago; the lunar cycle has just transitioned from new moon to the waxing gibbous moon; and the transition from this year into the next year is just ahead.

As you may know, we are also currently at the beginning of Twelvetide (aka the Twelve Days of Christmas or Yuletide) which is usually celebrated with daily rituals such as meditating, smudging and – journaling.

There is something magical about this time of year.

A time of contemplation and re-connecting with your darkness (your wounds) as well as with your light (your truth).

Rituals give me stability during times of shifts and changes. That is part of why I will often do a cacao ceremony on a full moon, a new moon, my birthday, or the new year – usually accompanied by some journaling.

If you also find comfort in taking some time to reflect and align with your intentions, here are some prompts for journaling in preparation for the new year.

Journal Prompts for New Year's Reflection

End-of-Year Reflections:

What are the most important experiences I made this year?

Where did I grow the most?

What were my big "achievements" this year, if any?

What were my small wins this year?

What were the biggest challenges for me this year?

What am I most proud of?

What do I want to do differently next time?

What practices did I implement this year that benefited me, if any?

What brought me energy this year?

What drained my energy this year?

How well did I take care of myself this year?

What (things / habits / thoughts / people) do I want to let go of?

New Year's Intentions:

How do I want to feel next year?

What word comes to mind to encapsulate the energy that I want to embody this coming year?

What are my three priorities for next year?

Which area of life do I want to focus on the most?

What are my personal goals of intentions for the coming year?

What are my career goals for next year?

How will I take care of myself next year?

What people do I want to surround myself with next year?

Are there any new habits I want to implement next year?

What are the things / habits / thoughts / people) I want to have manifested by the end of the year?

What is the first step I need to do next to reach my goal(s) for next year?

What is the ONE thing I want to do / achieve / accomplish next year that will make me feel successful and proud of myself?