Weekly Meal Plan CW 10


Hey guys,

here is another week menu for you!

↠ If you want to make your own menu for the week, you can download and print the template over here.

What's on the menu?

- On Monday my boyfriend made this easy and tasty One-Pot Ratatouille Spaghetti with loads of veggies. (I LOVE the recipes from Wallflower Kitchen!)

- On Tuesday I used the cookbook I got for Christmas called Vegan Tastes Better for the first time, and I made the bulgur mint and apricot grain salad. I slightly changed the recipe – I used millet instead of bulgur and dried apricots instead of fresh ones, and I also added in some sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and lettuce – and it turned out pretty nice! I loved the sweetness of the apricots and the freshness of the mint. Similar recipes: here, here and here.

- On Wednesday I didn't feel in the mood to cook (or do anything productive) at all. However, my boyfriend suggested to make one of our favourite winter dishes that has been featured in my weekly meal plan several times already: cooked kale with potatoes, onions, fried tofu, walnuts and mustard. So I got myself to whip it up whilst listening to an audio book, and it was absolutely worth it.

- Thursday was my boyfriend's turn to cook, and he went for baked sweet potatoes stuffed with chickpea chili and arugula and potato fries by the side. Yumm! (I wish we'd have avocado though!!)

- On Friday we made a big batch of chickpea zucchini carrot fritters with yogurt dip. So good!

- On the weekend we made a fennel and lentil salad with tofu and roasted potatoes (adapted from the recipe book Eat Smart), as well as Mauritian masala with coconut coriander rice (also from Eat Smart). Oh, and I also got some discounted cinnamon chocolate pudding from our local organic store, so we made that with almond milk as a treat/dessert on Sunday!

I'm feeling a bit uninspired lately to come up with my own creations, so I find myself turning to recipe books and blogs most of the time, I have to admit. But as long as it's tasty, I'm not complaining :D

What's on your menu this week?