All the Journals and Planners I Use & How I Use Them

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Ah, it's the time of making New Year's resolutions and setting intentions. I hope you had a wonderful transition into 2023, and are looking forward to what is to come this year!

It's a fresh new year, a fresh start.

I love journaling to get clear on my visions, my motivations and my needs. If I don't know WHY I want something, chances are that I won't take action in the right direction, or I might be mistaken about the direction I'm heading.

Journaling is a great tool for expressing yourself artistically, identifying and reflecting on thoughts and feelings, as well as for visualising and planning your life.

Personally, I use 5 different journals and planners for different purposes, and today I want to share how I use each of them.

Intention Journal 

The first thing I do in the morning after getting up and brushing my teeth is sit in my cosy spot in our living room and write down my intentions for the day. This can be as vague as "I feel blessed and abundant", or as explicit as "I effortlessly write 2000 words today". Make sure to write your intentions / affirmations in present tense, as if they had already come true.

I actually use a weekly planner for this that was gifted to me because I like the daily text blocks and the top 3 priorities for the week. This daily intention journaling helps me tremendously to align myself and set myself up for a "successful" day.

Weekly Planner

For my daily and weekly to-do list I use a weekly planner (not the one I write my intentions in!) where I note things like appointments, dates with myself, such as writing or doing a cacao ceremony, as well as work tasks and household chores. I will sometimes use the spare page next to the weekly spread for notes like birthday present ideas or a packing list.

Vision Journal 

As I've already mentioned in my blog post on how to create the life you want, I keep a special book for all the things that inspire me, that I dream of, that I want to manifest eventually, and that are part of my overall vision in life. I call it my "vision book". Fun fact, I actually bound it myself about 15 years ago, using my favourite wrapping paper back then for the cover and the back! (yes, I went to a Steiner school, lol.)

The vision book is where all my big dreams go.
But I also collect the small things that bring me joy, or that inspire me. Things like my ideal day. People that inspire me. What I would do with 1 million dollars. My dream wardrobe. My soulmate. My (self) love language. My Big Five for Life. You get the gist.

This is where I dream big and have fun. I also draw in this book, or put pictures in it, sort of like a scrapbook – or a vision board.

Scripting Journal

When I actively try to manifest something, I do this in my scripting journal, usually during a cacao ceremony on a full moon or a new moon, or after meditating. Scripting is the act of writing about what you desire to have or to be in great detail. And in present tense, as if it were a diary entry from your future self.

For example, this is where I would expand on what my ideal day (from my vision journal) looks and feels like in detail, from the moment I wake up, how I feel, what I do, who and what surrounds me etc., to the way I feel when going to sleep at night.

I usually set the mood with this one, lighting a candle and/or turning on my salt rock lamps, burning incense, and sometimes even putting on some relaxing music. Give it a try, it feels great!

Healing Journal

Last, but certainly not least – my healing journal. You could also call it my "self care journal" or my "soul journal". In this notebook I give space to all my thoughts and feelings that are currently on my mind and on my heart. My worries, my fears, my needs. This is also where I answer any journaling prompts, like the ones I shared last week.

For example, this is where I processed my emotions during the Sacred Woman program, as well as during the Ayurvedic cleanse and the Twelve Days of Christmas. I will also sometimes write down any significant dreams I had, or write out the Pros and Cons of a difficult decision that I need more clarity on. So yeah, this is my "messy" journal.

So there you have them! All of the journals and planners I use for their different purposes, and that I all love dearly. I love going "shopping" for a new weekly planner and a new intention journal each year :)

Do you use journals and/or planners in your everyday life? If so, how?

I would love to know in the comments!

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