How To Create The Life You Want

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Happy 2020! Happy new year, new decade, new possibilities

Creating the life you want... your dream life, so to speak. This is a topic that has been on my mind for almost a year now – ever since reading The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks –, and by now I'm comfortable to say that I'm steering right in the direction of my "dream life". In fact, I'm already in pretty safe waters.

But enough of the maritime metaphors! – Here are my 5 guidelines on how you can create your dream life.

Appreciate What You Already Have

I anticipate writing an in-depth article about the Law of Attraction in the near future, so for now I will only briefly tough on their teachings. Possibly the most important truth concerning LoA is this: Energy flows where attention goes. In other words: What you think, or rather what you feel, creates your reality. 
So instead of focussing on the negative on your life (and there always will be something you'll be unhappy or unsatisfied with), focus on the positive – because whatever you concentrate on, whatever you cultivate in yourself, will enhance. 

The easiest way to cultivate positive feelings is to be grateful for what you have. Right now. Despite everything that might seem miserable.

For example:
Perhaps your partner recently left you, you're broke, or you feel so uncomfortable at work it gives you stomach aches every day. Or maybe your house got destroyed by a hurricane, or a close friend or relative just passed away. Of course, all of these instances make us feel bad – lonely, hopeless, furious, shattered.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, frustration and sorrow however, shift your focus away from these negative vibrations and towards the positive. Maybe you've got to dig deep. Maybe you've got to kick yourself in the butt a little bit. Or maybe you've been keeping a gratitude journal for a while and have grown accustomed to getting in touch with your gratitude and humility.

To stick to our examples above, you might appreciate the precious time you've had with your loved one – or the opportunity to experience yourself on a whole nother level. You might be grateful to be in a position to actually have a job that allows you to buy food and pay the rent – and to also be in the position to quit and look for a better alternative at any time! Maybe you are thankful for your friends, your flourishing plants, a great book you've recently read, the taste of your coffee in the morning, the sunlight on your skin... Really there is ALWAYS at least a tiny little thing every day to be grateful for! 

Practice finding it in every moment.

Create a Vision Board or a Vision Book

Since our thoughts translate to images, a graphic visualisation of your desires and wishes is a very powerful tool to make those visions come true. The important thing here is to choose images that make you feel a certain way – like I said, the way you feel will attract more of that, so the more excited and fulfilled you feel, the more exciting and fulfilling qualities will inevitably come into your life.

I usually get my pictures from Pinterest and save them in a "vision board" folder on my computer. Once I've collected enough for every topic I want to manifest (for example: writing, yoga, friendships, nature, dream house, engagement, travelling, plants, crystals...) I wait a day or so until reviewing my folder and deleting anything that doesn't spark my passion after all. If you want to put up your vision board in your bedroom or - like in my case - your office space, you could also edit your pictures to have the same aesthetics.

Personally I prefer a vision book to visualise my dreams because some of my wishes are quite intimate and I don't want to display them for everyone to see.

I like to also include some inspiring and motivating quotes or artwork in my vision board to remind me of the power of manifestation, such as the title image of this blog post which I created myself from a drawing of mine, an image from pixabay and some amateur Photoshop skills :D I also really love writing down everything I want to manifest ("scripting") in very detailed and specific lists. It's just so much fun to really picture your dreams!

Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

Once you have grasped the concept of creating your own reality by multiplying everything you focus your heart on, you are able to pick up the reins and steer your life in the right direction. It's a double-edged sword: You have the full control over your life, you are in charge – but on the other hand, you can't blame anyone or anything else for the decisions you have made and will make in the future. It's all on you!

Now you might be thinking: It surely can't be my fault if something goes "wrong" in my life? Well, yes. Yes, that's exactly what it means. Even accidents, losses, insults, nasty bosses...? Yup! The fact that your thoughts and feelings create your own reality is also true the other way around: EVERYTHING in your life is a result of your thoughts and feelings. Note what is going "wrong" at the moment. Realize that this was caused by your former thinking and feeling (your unknowing "manifestations", so to speak). 

Now is your chance to re-adjust your belief system and focus on what you do want in life. Take responsibility! Creating the life you desire is a pro-active, conscious process.

Take Action

Alright, so you need to take action. Easier said than done. Of course, creating a vision board, keeping a gratitude journal and cultivating a positive, content perspective are all great ways to actively work towards your dreams, as are meditation (for example in shape of the so-called "Creative Workshop" by Abraham Hicks) and yoga to raise your level of consciousness.

However, the easiest and most sustainable way to take action is to savour and utilize each and every moment of your life. What does that mean? Ask yourself:

What is the smallest step I can do today to get a little closer to my goal?

In the case of writing an epic fantasy novel that could be creating character sheets or writing a plot outline; in case of practising yoga more regularly it could be looking up yoga classes in your area; planning your next vacation; researching job offers in your field; purchasing a beautiful journal to do some gratitude journaling in ...

Whatever it is – do it! You won't get anywhere doing nothing.

BELIEVE In The Realization Of Your Dream Life

Now comes the hard part: Trust in your dreams! Don't hesitate to envision your dream house in every tiny detail; don't be afraid of never finding a job again after quitting the one you felt lousy. Concentrate on what's important to you, on what sparks your flame, your passion, and trust the process! The vibration of your thoughts and feelings will automatically attract more of the same into your life. Have faith. It's all you need: love, gratitude, and faith.

And always remember:

»the universe has your back«

Do you feel like you are living - or creating - your "dream life"? 
If not, what's keeping you back?!
Let me know in the comments!