How & Why To Donate Your Hair

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Episode 3.
So. I cut my hair. After waiting another year for it to be long enough to be donated I finally chopped off 30 centimeters / 12 inches of hair! 

The last time I had cut my hair that short was in October 2014 after a very emotional break-up. Over the past three and a half years it grew from about chin length to, well, boob length, and now it's back to chin length. Even though it's a little shorter than I originally intended (I was aiming for a hair length like simply_kenna) I am really happy with how it turned out, and the youthful, cheeky look of it :)

This is how long my hair was when I wore it straightened:

It looks so different!

I decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust
which is a UK-based charity that provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. The main reason why I chose this particular charity is that it also accepts hair that is
7”/17cm or longer.

What You Will Need To Donate Your Hair

  • a pair of scissors (or: a professional hair dresser)
  • hair ties
  • a clear resealable plastic bag
  • a padded envelope
  • clean, dry hair *

* The exact hair guidelines depend on the charity you choose!

The Benefits of Donating Your Hair

  • make use of the hair you would otherwise throw away
  • provide people in need with real hair wigs
  • help make another child or adult who lost their hair due to illness feel more "normal" again
  • support charities that produce sponsored wigs

How To Donate Your Hair

1. Do your research and check on each organizations guidelines to find the charity that matches your hair best.

2. Make sure you have completely washed and dried your hair and have no styling products in it.

3. Have your hair cut at a hair salon, or: cut it yourself.

4. If you are cutting your hair yourself put it into several ponytails or braids, e.g. two or three on each side, to be more in control while cutting. I put mine in just one braid, and it was nearly impossible to make an even cut (but it did make for a nice graduated bob look!). Secure your braid(s) at both ends with a hair tie, and cut just above the upper tie(s).

5. Have your hairdresser (or in my case: my mom, lol) sort out the mess you've made. 

6. Place your chopped braid into a zip lock bag, put the bag into a padded envelope and sent it off to the charity of your choice.

Donating your hair is a great and easy way to give back. However, it is YOUR hair and YOUR decision what you want to do with it. Another great way to support hair charities is to donate money instead of hair. But that's completely up to you!

How To Prepare For a Hair Donation

Like I said in the beginning, I've been waiting to finally cut and donate my hair for an entire year. Here's what I did to prepare my hair for the donation:

- To speed up my hair growth I covered my hair in rosemary infused oil and left it in for 30 to 60 minutes before showering. Every now and again I also used a DIY hair mask to strengthen my hair.

- I also reduced using my hair straightener to a minimum, and I didn't blow dry my hair at all.

- After washing my hair I massaged some coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil or alove vera gel into the tips to nourish and hydrate them.

- I put my hair into protective hair styles as much as possible to prevent breakage.

Now that 30cm/12'' of hair are gone I feel much lighter and younger and a little bit like I'm from the twenties, haha! If I ever grow my hair that long again, I will donate it again for sure.

Here's a picture of my freshly cut hair: 

Have you ever donated your hair? Or cut it yourself?
Let me know in the comments!