8 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair + My Routine

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My hair hasn't always been my favourite topic. Indeed, it used to be my least favourite because I was blessed with a big bunch of messy, tangly, stubborn curls. Which were always a pain to brush through. Especially on a windy day. Or even worse: in contact with sea air.

For the longest time I hated my hair, constantly straightened it and wouldn't even feel comfortable with going outside with my hair unstraightened. 

By now I have come to embrace my curls more and more, and I stopped straightening my hair (with a few exceptions such as for certain blog posts or job interviews or some parties etc. when I want to look more elegant. I appreciate that fluffy mess now, I actually love pampering it with nourishing oils and hair masks, and I started to experiment with different hairstyles that work for both straight and curly long hair.

But first, let's take a look at my hair routine that has helped me strengthening and restoring my damaged hair.


1. Brush hair with a wooden paddle brush.

2. Apply an oil mask with coconut oil, argan oil or burdock root hair oil, preferably infused with rosemary essential oil.

3. Wash hair. Use a natural, chemical-, silicone- and sulfate-free shampoo.

4. Rinse with cold water. That will help close your hair cuticles, leaving your hair protected, and looking much shinier, softer and sleeker.

5. Gently comb out any tangles with a wide tooth comb, preferably a wooden one. Start at your tips and comb your way up to the roots to prevent breakage. You can also keep your hair covered in a conditioner or mask during this process to make combing easier. 

6. Pat dry with a towel (don't rub).

7. Moisturize hair tips with some more oil or aloe vera gel. 

8. Allow hair to air dry. Blow drying will only cause frizz!

9. Put (halfway dried) hair in a protective hairstyle (see below). 


NOTE: Protective Hairstyles are heat-free hairstyles used to prevent breakage, combat frizz and split ends, and protect your hair from heat damage, friction, environmental effects, etc.


(1) The Ponytail

The easiest way to get your hair out of your face, and my everyday hairstyle. Lately I've really grown to like the low ponytail (right) as a more neat looking alternative to your usual high ponytail. Plus, it makes your hair look way longer ;)

(2) The Half Updo

This easy half updo is a great way to show off your long hair without having it drape your face. There are a million ways to make this hairstyle more glamorous (braid, twist, ribbon...), but I'm usually too lazy for that, so this is what I do :D

(3) The Messy Bun

Another usual suspect of mine is the messy bun - who knew! Just scrunch up your hair into a tousled ball, and you're good to go! I usually pull up my hair into a ponytail, pull it halfway through my hair tie, twist and wrap the hair tie around the bun again. Wrapping the hair tie a second time will tighten the bun and secure it in place. 

I especially like this look on a second day or even third day hair. The longer and curlier your hair, the easier and more effective this hairstyle will be.


(4) The Braid

This is how I wear my hair every single night. It's super easy: You just divide your hair into three strands and braid them. (Of course you can do a more elaborate French braid instead of this three-strand version.) That way your hair won't get damaged and frizzy while you toss and turn at night. 

Plus, you will wake up with naturally wavy hair in the morning :)

(5) The High Bun

A more neat and sleek alternative to the messy bun is the high bun - or ballerina bun, as my boyfriend likes to call it. To achieve this look simply pull up your hair like you would for a super high ponytail, twist it and wrap it into a tight little bun. Secure with a hair tie and maybe some bobby pins. 

It's a great way to keep your hair out of your face while working out, or if you just want to look put together and like you're in control of your life, haha :)

(6) The Braided Bun

This low bun look is super easy to create and looks like you put some more effort into it: Simply braid a three-strand braid as in Nr (4) and twist it into a low bun against your head, securing your hair with bobby pins as needed.

(7) The Space Buns

These are so fun for festivals, parties or just everyday cuteness! Simply part your hair down the middle down to the nape of your neck and separate your hair into two sections. Either create two pigtails and wrap the hair around the base of the pigtail, or just coil both hair sections into little buns. Secure with hair ties.

(8) The Twisted Rope Braid

A great alternative to your usual three-strand braid is this rope braid. Divide your hair into two section and twist those sections in the same direction. Then twist them around each other in the opposite direction. That way you won't be left with any harsh waves or dents.

Which hairstyle is your favourite? 
And which are your personal go-to hairstyles?