Weekly Meal Plan CW 47

Guys, I'm eating too much crap lately! Gingerbread, speculoos, cookies, chocolate, treats from our local Christmas market. Sigh! But oh well, I guess that's what we're all looking forward to during Christmas season right?! Haha. At least I try to make my main meals at home as healthy as possible, as you can see below :)

↠ If you want to make your own menu for the week, you can download and print the template over here.

What's on the menu?

- On Monday my boyfriend made our vegan chili "con" carne with potatoes and a few slices of bread. Always a goodie :) This time we replaced the red lentils with more kidney beans though!

- On Tuesday we made some yummy millet carrot and apple fritters that we served with a chickpea and pickle salad. Similar recipe: here or here.

- On Wednesday my boyfriend cooked again, and this time he made a hearty stew with red lentils, tomatoes, leek, spinach, and green beans. Similar recipe: here or here.

- On Thursday I made a scrumptious curry with sweet potato, carrots, coconut milk, salted and roasted peanuts, and spinach. Sooo good! Can't get enough of those creamy curries! Similar recipe: over here.

- On Friday we prepared another warming stew / chunky soup with cabbage, potatoes, chickpeas, and tofu. Similar recipe: over here.

- On Saturday my boyfriend made a batch of vegan sushi with avocado, baby spinach, and bell peppers. On Sunday we went over to my parents to bake several types of Christmas treats. We made: vegan gingerbread cake (similar recipe: over here), spelt date cookies (similar recipe: over here), muesli trail mix cookies (similar recipe: over here - we used dates instead of chocolate), as well as a nutty braided yeast bun (similar recipe: over here). Sooo many good things!!

What's on your menu this week? 

What a nice surprise to see this featured over at the Happiness is Homemade linky party! :)