DIY Lingam Oil | Male Hygiene Care

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"Lingam" or "linga" is the Sanskrit term for the symbol of the god Shiva and also refers to the masculine center of power, with the phallus being an emblem of the generative power in nature. It translates to something like "mark, sign, distinguishing symbol, characteristic", but also "proof of God's power, evidence of the Divine". The term "lingam" is commonly used to describe the male sexual organs, including the penis, testicles, inner thighs, pubic area, pelvic muscles, perineum, and prostate.

Hello my dudes (and dudettes), today we are making homemade lingam oil for male intimate care 🌵

So far I have only made a few blogposts on the yoni – the female counterpart to the lingam –, such as my most recent yoni oil, and yoni eggs. So today's blogpost is dedicated to the masculine center of energy instead.

To me, taking care of our sexual and procreative organs, and our overall sexuality, is an important part of self care. It doesn't only mean taking care of yourself on the outside, but also allowing for opening up our energy channels for healing, restoring and nourishing.

This scented blend of oils is a wonderful addition to your masculine self care routine that can be used either for your most intimate area, or even as body care in general.

This DIY lingam oil will improve blood circulation in the intimate area, resulting in an increased libido, sexual activity and endurance, as well as a boost of your overall energy
. Due to the anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial properties of the oils we use, this oil will also help keep your genitals clean and healthy in a 100% natural way, with the added bonus of aphrodisiac aromatherapy benefits that will create a sensual atmosphere and set the mood for passion, as well as improve blood flow and stimulate sexual desire.

In addition to anointing your intimate parts, this oil can double as a body oil, moisturising facial serum, beard oil, aphrodisiac massage oil, or as a soothing lotion after shaving that h
elps with cuts, razor bumps, and itching. The oil can also be added to bath water for a luxurious bath. When using this oil as a sexual lubricant, make sure not to use it with condoms as the oils may compromise the efficiency of latex condoms!

BTW: Did you know that men lose about
2.5 mg of zinc every time they ejaculate?

So make sure to consume loads of foods that are high in zinc. Some natural food sources for zinc include
wheat bran, eggs, nuts (best: cashews, pine, almonds, peanuts), lentils, seeds (best: pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, sesame), oats, quinoa, nutritional yeast, garlic, tahini, mushroom, spinach, brown rice, shellfish, dark chocolate, and barley grass. I have a bunch of recipes on my blog that are made with zinc-containing ingredients, such as my Cozy Pumpkin Lentil Dahl, Wild Garlic Nettle Strudel, Lentil No-Meat Loaf, Gluten-free Yeast-Free Superfood Bread, Herbed Garlic Butter, No-Bake Walnut Brownies, Ayurvedic Breakfast Porridge, and Barley Grass Latte.

In case of fear of allergies, please test the lingam oil on another part of your body such as the inside of your elbow before applying to more sensitive skin.



This recipe is made for a 50 ml / 2 oz bottle, so adjust accordingly!

3 tbsp
liquid cold-pressed organic coconut oil
(melted in a bowl of hot water) 
2 tbsp cold-pressed organic jojoba oil
1 tbsp cold-pressed organic St. John's wort oil (or olive oil)
4 drops cold-pressed organic neem oil
3–4 tsp dried herbs of your choice (e.g
. rosemary, sage, lavender, marigold, basil, black pepper etc.)

3 drops organic lavender essential oil
2 drops organic bitter orange essential oil (or vetiver essential oil, or ginseng essential oil)
2 drops rosemary essential oil
(or sage essential oil)
2 drops sandalwood essential oil (or myrrh essential oil, or cinnamon essential oil)
2 drops organic tea tree essential oil

a polished healing crystal to energetically charge the oil (wonderful healing crystals to enhance the masculine energy include green tourmaline, malachite, garnet, black onyx, obsidian, tiger's eye, jasper, haematite, pyrite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and rose quartz; make sure the gemstone is safe to use for an infusion!)

a clean amber glass bottle or jar, optionally with a dropper *
a funnel

* I re-used an old facial oil bottle that I sterilized with boiling water and white vinegar.


Disinfect your glass bottle or jar with hot water and alcohol or vinegar if necessary.

Fill your bottle or jar halfway with dried herbs, using a funnel or spoon.

If you haven't already, place your coconut oil into a bowl over a larger bowl filled with hot water, until it turns liquid. Combine your liquid oils, then add to the bottle or jar until the herbs are completely covered.
Give everything a good stir or shake, making sure everything is incorporated.

Put a lid on it, and
place the bottle or jar into the bowl of still-hot water to help the oils and herbs to infuse.

Leave to cure in a dark, cool place for up to about 6 weeks, giving it a shake at least every other day.
Or do the stove-top method where you place your bottled oil over a steaming double boiler for 4–6 hours on very low heat. However, I prefer the cold infusion.

Add essential oils at the end of the curing or steaming process. Strain herbs.


Pour a coin size of lingam oil to your palm –
about 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp. Spread it on your intimate area (or any other area on your body), gently massaging to improve blood circulation. You can repeat this process daily, for example in the morning or at night after washing, or less frequently. Whatever feels right for you.

Best to use after a bath or shower.

For a passionate night, you can also apply this oil 15 minutes prior to intercourse – however, be careful not to use this with condoms as the oils will potentially compromise their efficiency!

Shake before each use.

- Using
fresh herbs instead of dried makes for a stronger oil.
Instead of placing the herbs directly into the bottle or jar, you can also put them into a cheesecloth or tea bag, and place that into the bottle or jar.
You can also do a solar infusion by letting the oil bottle sit in the sun for a few weeks, shaking it daily. This method is especially great for lingam oil because in many ancient cultures the sun symbolizes masculine energy, while the moon symbolizes feminine energy.
- You can also crystal-charge your oils before using them in this blend to make the most of their healing power. For example, use obsidian for stability and courage, tiger's eye for protection and confidence, jasper for strength and stability, haematite for grounding balance, clear quartz for calm and clarity, or sodalite for intuition and truth. It's up to you!
- A great side effect of applying the lingam oil with your fingers is that you can use the remaining oil to massage into your cuticles and finger nails. Even if you wash your hands shortly after, you'll get the nourishing properties of the oil that will strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles.
- In terms of which herbs to use in your lingam oil, I recommend reading the Herb Bible by From Felicia. For example, she writes that chamomile, lavender, marigold, rosemary, sage, basil, ginger and St. John's wort are considered masculine herbs, which is why I chose several of them for my oil blend.