Weekly Meal Plan CW 03

Hey guys,

I'm trying to make these a weekly thing for 2017! So here is another "menu of the week" for you!

↠ If you want to make your own menu for the week, you can download and print the template over here.

What's on the menu?

- To start off the week, we veganized another sort of traditional German meal: spinach (sautéed with onions and garlic) with potatoes and fried tofu sausages, served with a little bit of mustard soy yogurt dip. Easy & yum.

- On Tuesday I drew inspiration from Lisa Lorles' What I Eat On A School Day video and made her Avocado Pesto Plate (with quinoa, spinach, avocado and sautéed mushrooms).

- On Wednesday we made a quick but super tasty spicy Chinese noodle soup with leek, red and yellow bell pepper, carrots, minced ginger and tofu. Similar recipes here and here.

- On Thursday we had yet another "traditional" German recipe: my homemade lentil loaf with vegan gravy and purple potatoes (purple!!). Video recipe for the gravy over here.
(I used less water and 2 tbsp soy sauce instead!)

- Friday was kind of a random leftover day, so we made some curry with canned tomatoes, bok choy, carrots, broccoli etc. with basmati rice.

- The weekend was our "flour" party: first we made buckwheat pancakes on Sunday (our first #pancakesunday of the year!!) with loads of yummy chocolate, hazelnut and coconut spreads, then we made two large tarte flambées with chameleon pumpkin, oat cream, onions, peppers and tofu, as well as a sweet one with oat cream, marzipan, date chunks, chocolate chunks and almonds – sounds weird, but tasted super good! Last but not least, we made our very first homemade salted popcorn! Also very good, very addicting, very quickly gone...

What's on your menu this week?