Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream (raw, vegan)

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Quick 3-ingredient ice cream without ice cream maker

Preparation time: 5 mins + 3 hours freezing time
Main ingredients: banana, cherries
difficulty level: easy
serves: 1-2
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, paleo, raw food, low-fat 

*humming Cheri Cheri Lady
(am I the only one who used to think they said "cherry cherry" instead of "cheri cheri" as a child?!)

Okay so this cherry nicecream was shamelessly adapted from Emily over at This Rawsome Vegan Life, and it's no less than a creamy dream! Cherries are probably the only fruits that i absolutely love but don't buy very often because they are frickin expensive where I live :( But I love the vibrant colour and the sweet bursting cherries of this nicecream! Although unfortunately my cherries weren't as ripe and juicy as Emily's but oh well.

Note: since I'm usually freezing while eating my ice cream, I was thinking you could also turn this into Cherry Vanilla porridge! Just add hot cherries and vanilla to your everyday oatmeal, and you're good to go.

Another fun way to spice up your cherry vanilla nicecream is to throw in some cardamom to taste - not too much though as cardamom has a very strong taste!


4 ripe bananas, peeled and frozen
1/2 cup frozen cherries
1/4 tsp vanilla powder

a handful of fresh cherries


Nicecream is my favourite breakfast in summer because it is just soo easy to make: 

Break your frozen bananas into pieces if they aren't already chopped. Add them to your food processor or high-speed blender and process until it begins to become creamy. Add the vanilla and frozen cherries, and blend blend blend until it's nice and soft.

While I clean up my food processor, I usually like to store my nicecream in the freezer so it doesn't melt away in the meantime.

Top with the left over cherries, and cherish :)

Note: This is part of my raw vegan Ice Cream Galore this summer



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    1. Thanks Michele! I could honestly eat a bowl of plain cherries right now, I love them so much :)