2016 Ice Cream Galore [Summer Special]

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Hello beautiful,
do you remember my 2014 Ice Cream Galore and my 2015 Ice Cream Galore? Well, all good things come in threes, so I'm doing one last Ice Cream Galore this summer!

As there are already 59 (yes, 59) ice cream recipes in my recipe index, there won't be 21 new ice creams like the past two years, but only one ice cream recipe each Friday over the course of the two summer months July and August. So: 10 raw, vegan, dairy-free, plant-based (or rather: banana-based) nicecream recipes!

NOTE: Raw vegan ice creams are super easy to make and super good for you: free of unnatural sugars, processed ingredients, animal products, and chemicals. Apart from that it does not require much time, money, or many ingredients to prepare this beauty. Oh and it does NOT require an ice cream maker either! How great is that? 

So what do you need? 
Nicecream = nana ice cream. So you need bananas. Lots of bananas. The riper the better. And if you don't have the luxury of an actual ice cream maker, use a blending machine, a food processor, a juicer, or even a hand-held blender. Personally I love to use a food processor - mine is some cheap no-name one.