Painting with Mascara: Marilyn Monroe

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After me babbling on about books and films last time it calls for a sweet and simple post today. May i present to you MASCARA MARILYN. Yep, that's right. What you're looking at is the result of me playing around with two pretty-much-empty mascaras that were waiting to be thrown away - until i decided it would be a great idea to use the mascara applicator and the remaining "paint" to make a clumsy portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Yeah... she'd probably be turning in her grave if she knew, lol. 

The downside to this is that first of all the thick brush isn't exactly the most precise drawing tool, and second of all you cannot undo anything, which bugs the heck out of me (for example the shade above her right nostril which i'm frickin' itching to correct -.-) And i don't really understand why some parts seem to be black and others brown because the two mascara bottles i was using were both black! But hey it was actually loads of fun and now i have black spotted hands and i feel like i have brilliantly recycled my mascara and did a good thing, haha! (by the way, i used this picture as a template) And no, i will not google if other people have painted with mascara - because i'd probably find out that it's already a thing and then i won't feel as inventive and brilliant any more :'D okay, maybe i will actually google it. 

But first let me finish off this post with a quote (not a Marilyn quote though) that i stumbled upon recently and wanted to share: 

"It took a few years to be comfortable in my own skin..
and just like everyone else, i still struggle with it at times.
So knowing my strength and my worth,
gives me the freedom to be who i am and realize,
 "I'm not always going to fit everyone".
But it's like music or any type of art,
if it makes you feel genuine and complete, it's always worth the risk."

- Lindsay Perry



  1. Wow! I can't believe that is mascara! So awesome! Thanks for linking it up at the Make Bake Create Party, Maisy!

    1. Hi Rachel! I know, it's amazing what you can do with make up, isn't it? ;) Maybe next time i'll try using just eyeshadow or lipstick or maybe even nail polish!! I'm already getting excited :'D