Winter Breakfast in a Jar

reading time: ca. 1 min



adapted from Fee @rawfitandhappy 

Preparation time: 10 mins (+ overnight refrigeration for best results!)
Main ingredients: orange, apple, banana, dates
difficulty level: easy
serves: 1
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, raw food, and delicious "even so"


Apple compote:
1 medium apple
1/2 medium orange (i used blood orange)
1 sweet tangerine
1 tsp cinnamon
squeeze of lemon juice or orange juice

1/4 cup (50g) buckwheat flakes (alternatively: oats or sunflower seeds or nuts)
2 dates, chopped
1 tbsp maple or agave syrup (optional)
splash of orange juice

1/2 - 1 orange, chopped
optional: 1 slice of orange for garnish

Chocolate pudding:
1 banana, ripe
3 soft dates
1 tbsp cacao powder (or carob)
pinch of cinnamon
some water, around 1/8 cup

- For the full experience, prepare this the night before! -

For the compote, chop apple and citrus, toss in a small bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and lemon or orange juice. Cover bowl with a small plate and let sit in the fridge over night to allow flavours to meld and form a wintry compote.

For the muesli, finely chop some dates, add maple or agave syrup and a splash of orange juice, then toss in your buckwheat, oats, seeds or nuts (preferably soaked almonds). Using a food processor or just your hands or a spoon, mix everything until it forms a chunky, crumbly muesli mass.

For the pudding, blend all ingredients in a blending machine or a simple hand-held blender (i used the latter). It probably looks very smooth and way too liquid to be a pudding, but trust me, it will be a set yogurt-y pudding the next morning! So just place it in the fridge over night and let the magic happen :)

The next morning take a big jar (of course you can use a bowl instead but it's just much more fun eating from a big-ass jar - i'm using an empty honey jar) and fill it in layers: Apple compote, then Muesli crumble, then chopped fresh Orange, then your awesome Chocolate pudding. Top off with a slice of orange and whatever else you like: almond slices, cinnamon, cacao powder, shredded coconut... this will keep you satisfied until lunch. And it's portable!

- Now dig in and enjoy! -

This, by the way, is the "not-in-a-jar" version of this recipe :)