DIY Toilet Roll Animals

reading time: ca. 1 min

Making little animals from Toilet Rolls - whaat? I'm not joking, it's a great way to kill time, recycle toilet rolls and have fun :) Instead of throwing out your empty paper rolls, turn them into a Cardboard Zoo!

Inspired by a pinterest post which was probably created by Pikaland.

All you need is:
Paper rolls (loo paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls)

1. Using a pencil, draw cute animals on your paper rolls - i chose monkey, owl, lion, cat and my favourite: giraffe.

2. Trace the pencil lines with a sharpie or any other pen. Raze out the pencil lines.

3. Cut out part of the animal's silhouette, making them seem more three-dimensional. Use as napkin rings, as seedling pots for tiny plants, to keep pesky wrapping paper rolls from unwinding by slitting a toilet paper roll and sliding it over the wrapping paper roll, or just to enjoy your recycled Paper Roll Zoo :)

Alternatively, turn your paper rolls into owl ornaments!



  1. Replies
    1. it was definitely lots of fun :)
      all the best ~

  2. Wie niedlich! Ich hab schon ganz viele gesammelt zum Adventkalender machen, aber der Zoo ist auch ziemlich gut!

    1. Oh, Adventskalender ist auch eine ziemlich gute Idee... dann mit Papier umwickelt und zugeklebt oder wie? muss ich mir für den Winter merken! :)