Living By The Planets (Weekly Schedule)

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Have you ever wondered why Monday is called Monday? Or Sunday is called Sunday?

The latter already hints at it – the seven days of the week were originally named after the classical planets in Hellenistic astronomy which in turn derived from the contemporary deities.

For example, the weekday Friday was originally called ἡμέρα Ἀφροδίτης (hēméra Aphrodítēs) in Greek, or diēs Veneris in Latin, meaning "day of Aphrodite / Venus", and referred to the planet / goddess Venus. The English name Friday means something like "Frigg's Day" (or "Freya's Day") and is named after the Germanic goddess Frigg (or Freya) which is basically the Norse equivalent to the Roman Venus.

It's quite fascinating!

So, in today's blogpost I want to give an overview on the seven days of the week and their planet rulers as well as the corresponding themes and recommended activities for each day.

Weekly Schedule
According to the Planet Rulers

Monday: Moon

Monday, the "Moon Day", is associated with the Goddess Luna or Selene, who is often represented as the female complement of the Sun. The reason why many people feel like a train-wrack on Mondays might not be that it marks the beginning of another work week, but perhaps it actually has to do with the lunar energy of the day. The Moon invites us to look after our emotional needs and to nurture ourself (and others). Take it slow. Be gentle with your emotions and your potential mood swings. This is not the best day to initiate something permanent, such as a new healthy habit.

Themes: emotions, intuition, psychic awareness, compassion, nurturing, healing, caring, peace

Activities: rest, meditate, journal, surround yourself with water (lake, sea, bath ...)

Tuesday: Mars
If you have a chance to postpone any important work tasks or household chores from Monday to Tuesday, do it! The ruler of this day is Mars, the planet of activity, stamina and ambition. As it is associated with the god Mars or Ares (aka the god of war and courage), it provides you with the necessary power to slay your enemies (our your overwhelming workload)! It also invites us to get a good workout in – that reminds me: Mars also rules sexuality and sexual energy ;)

Themes: action, passion, drive, determination, courage, assertiveness, ambition, competition, protection

Activities: get sh*t done!, tackle (challenging) projects, get active, exercise

Wednesday: Mercury
Speaking of postponing work-tasks – if you can, schedule your meetings and calls for Wednesday. This day is ruled by Mercury, named after the god Mercury or Hermes, which is the god of communication, eloquence, commerce and financial gain. This is a great day for answering e-mails, catching up with an old friend, having an important conversation, brainstorming ideas for a project, making a to-do list, or giving a lecture.

Themes: communication, study, curiosity, intellect, quick thinking, wisdom, transportation, travel, movement

Activities: communicate, express your thoughts, read, brainstorm, analyse, make lists, make decisions, take short trips

Thursday: Jupiter

Named after the king of gods, Jupiter or Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder, this day is associated with both intellect and spirituality. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, inviting us to grow and flourish. Sports and games of any kind would be fitting. This is a great day to assess our ethical and moral values. You might find yourself feeling more confident on a Thursday, doing something a little more adventurous perhaps.

Themes: expansion, growth, learning, optimism, good fortune,
generosity, money, prosperity, success, leisure, travel

learn something new, begin an exciting project, set intentions, read, play, do something outside your comfort zone, travel (especially long-distance)

Friday: Venus
As the planet Venus and its eponymous goddess Venus or Aphrodite are associated with love, beauty, pleasure and possessions, this day is great for engaging in something pleasurable, beautiful, comforting and sensual – though not necessarily sexual. How about some delicious food, silky clothes, music, scents, a beautiful home, and good company. Follow your desires! This is also the perfect day for a date night, a party, or even a wedding! This day is also ideal for making an extravagant purchase or financial investment (especially on a day where the moon is in Taurus!).

Themes: (self-)love, friendship, romance, beauty, desire, pleasure, prosperity, money, sex, harmony, emotions, reconciliation

Activities: beautify yourself and/or your home, indulge in your senses, enjoy the arts (music, dance, literature ...), revel in the beauty of the world, socialize

Saturday: Saturn
Saturn is the ruler of discipline and responsibility, named after Saturn or Cronus, the god of time, agriculture, abundance, and renewal. He reminds us to work hard, but maintaining order and moderation. We can use this disciplined, steadfast and structured energy to clean up and organize our homes (and our overall lives), set realistic goals, and use our time in a reasonable way.

Themes: responsibility, discipline, perseverance, structure, order, authority,
boundaries, wisdom, longevity, home

Activities: set goals, organize, put things in order, repair, run errands, meal prep

Sunday: Sun
The "Sun Day" is associated with the god Sol or Helios, the personification of the Sun. It represents light, life force, the self, the ego, and our creative power. The powerful solar energy invites us to shine our light, to take the lead, to express ourselves and to spread warmth and cheer. It also reminds us to look after our well-being and make sure we're using our energy in a vitalizing instead of a depleting way.

Themes: vitality, creativity,
identity, authority, leadership, willpower, strength, success, health, healing, spirituality

Activities: have fun,
create, soak up sunlight, shine your light