How & Why To Do A Self Breast Massage

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Episode 11.

Why are breasts still a taboo topic when it comes to self love and body care even though they are one of the most sensitive and important parts of the female body?

If you have read my article on going braless, you may know that breast are an important topic on my personal self love journey. They are what I've struggled most with growing up (and becoming sexually attractive to men), as they are a major part of my female identity. They symbolize softness and nurturing/giving, and most importantly: they are what protects our heart space. Female breasts are very sensitive, but have been objectified as a sex symbol by both men and women. For that reason many women struggle with a loving relationship with their breasts, criticising their size, shape or firmness. Even breastfeeding has become taboo and totally sexualized – it's insane!!

Our breasts are mostly fat tissue, connective tissue, milk ducts, nerves, and lymph glands, which enable the lymphatic system to drain toxins and waste out of the body and that can get restricted by tight bras.

However, our breast are so much more than that.

Did you know there is a strong connection between our yoni / vagina / libido and our breasts / heart? Although they are not located near each other, the breasts and are considered to be an extension of our heart – housing our deepest emotional wounds as well as our ability to love. They are the gates to the heart chakra and therefore the key to truly opening up and accessing the power of the yoni. So if the only contact during intercourse is between the genitals, the energy of the woman will not flow into the higher heart centre, and so it remains pure sex, not lovemaking.

So get in touch with your breasts – literally!

Given that October is known to be the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my step-by-step tutorial for a healing self massage – for healthy and happy breasts.
I have also done my best to demonstrate the individual steps with my mediocre drawing skills combined with my mediocre photoshopping skills, haha!

What You Will Need For This Massage

  • 1-2 tsp of organic carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or even sunflower oil) *
  • optional: 2-4 drops of organic essential oils (e.g. rose, orange blossom, cypress, lemongrass or cinnamon)
  • a pair of perfectly fine boobs
  • your hands

The Benefits of a Breast Self Massage

A regular breast self massage doesn't only have physical benefits as in health and aesthetics, but it also comes with a wholesome therapeutic effect. Here are the key benefits of a breast self massage: 

  • Stimulates circulation 
  • Firms your breasts
  • Prevents swelling and sagging by tightening and toning breast muscles
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Clears toxic build-up in breast tissue
  • Reduces breast aches and swelling (during pregnancy)
  • Eases soreness 
  • Balances hormones
  • Increases the flow of breast milk from milks ducts
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer (source)
  • Restores sensitivity to the breasts if we have been experiencing numbness
  • Increases sexual pleasure
  • Cultivates self love and a loving relationship with our breasts
  • Connects us to our divine feminine energy
In addition to those perks (no pun intended), a regular self massage will allow you to relax and practising self care more often. It also works as a self breast examination to check the breasts for any new developments or irregularities.

source: holisticbreasthealth

How to do a Breast Self Massage

1. SET THE MOOD. You want to create a safe and cosy environment for your massage. I recommend locking your bedroom or bathroom door, lighting a candle, maybe playing some calming music or diffusing some relaxing essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, bergamot or rosewood. Strip down above the waist.

2. WARM UP THE OIL by rubbing it between your palms. If you like, add some essential oils. Apply the oil generously to your breasts, chest area, and armpits. Tip: Also massage some oil onto your nails to strengthen them!

3. ACTIVATE YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. Place your index and middle finger of each hand onto the soft tissue right above your collar bones. Slowly and gently begin to pump. Repeat 25-50 times. 

Now raise one arm to open your armpit. Place the opposite hand over the centre of your armpit and lightly pump with your fingers in circular upward motions. Repeat on the other side.

4. BEGIN THE SELF MASSAGE by placing your hands over your left breast. Breathe deep and feel the warmth of your hands. If you like, you can imagine your heart center opening up, filling with a soft pink or light green light.
Place your right hand on your left breast, towards the centre of the chest. Start massaging your breast tissue in small circular motions towards the armpit and then further down to the bottom, moving clockwise around the nipple in one large circle back to the center of the chest where you started – as pictured below. Repeat this a few times.

Now, place the left hand on top of your left breast, the other hand on the bottom of your breast, cupping it. Move the top hand across the top of the breast toward the armpit with gentle pressure, simultaneously moving the bottom hand across the bottom of the breast in the opposite direction. Try to lift the breast tissue away from the chest wall.
Repeat this motion, but this time placing the right hand on top and the left hand on the bottom. Rotate back and forth like this, reversing your hands. Do this for a minute or more.

Next, use both your hands to make slow, smooth strokes away from the nipple in all directions, as pictured below. Pay special attention to the area between your outer lower breast and your armpit to stimulate the lymphatic drainage. You'll want to push any stagnant lymph fluid from your breasts toward your armpits.
Again, do this for a minute or two.

Finally, slightly lift your breast with both hands, flush it from the back forward several times and squeeze it back again, creating a pumping motion. You can also slightly bend over, but if this feels too weird, just "jiggle" your breast with a shaking action with both hands supportively cupped around the breast. Repeat for a minute or two.

Follow the same procedure for the right breast.

Notice the way your breasts feel during the massage. You can also experiment with a faster or slower pace and firmer or softer grip. Breathe deeply and slowly during the process.

, massage both breasts simultaneously by applying broad, compressing (but gentle!) pressure to the entire breast in an upward motion. Perform this massage for about 5 minutes total.

5. RELAX. Wipe away the excess oil using a tissue or a warm wash cloth. Drink lukewarm water to flush the released fluids from your system. Make sure to not put on a bra immediately after the massage! Wait for the skin to fully absorb the oil, about 30 minutes or more. 

How Often Should You Do This Massage?

For best results, it is recommended to do this 15-minute self breast massage about 3 – 5 times a week for five months. It is best done in the morning or in the evening, after having a shower or taking a bath. It can also be done just before bed.

Further Tips

  • Use minimal pressure during a breast massage, and work slowly. You may experience soreness after the first session, so be as gentle as possible.
  • To increase your breast size, mix 2 drops of geranium essential oil with 2 drops of clary sage EO, 2 drops of ylang-ylang EO, and at least 2 teaspoons of camellia oil (or sweet almond oil or olive oil). This makes enough massage oil for about a week. Geranium, clary sage and ylang-ylang contain phytohormones (plant hormones) that naturally induce enlargement of the breasts.
  • To reduce your breast size and tone your breast, massage your breast with organic jojoba oil and rose essential oil. Jojoba emulsifies fatty tissue, while rose has an astringent effect. Use 1 drop rose EO to 1 tsp of jojoba oil.
  • For a sensual, aphrodisiac massage, add a few drops of rose, lavender, patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla, or cinnamon EO to your carrier oil. 
  • To clear up scar tissue or stretch marks on your breasts, use cocoa butter or shea butter infused with vitamin E as your carrier oil – or simply mix the content of one vitamin E capsule into some warmed up shea butter.
  • If you feel comfortable, you could even ask your partner to give you a (non-sexual) breast massage. This is a great way to build deeper trust and connection within your relationship – however, this massage will be more about love than self-love. If you want to build your ability to love yourself, accept your body, and trust your ability to make heart-based decisions, you may want to stick to the self-breast massage instead.
Have you ever done a breast massage? How do you feel about it? Excited, embarrassed, awkward? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Maisy, great article.

    OMG! You are so right! Agree with you.... in what you told in first para.
    "..why are breasts still a taboo topic when it comes to self love and body care even though they are one of the most sensitive and important parts of the female body?"

    People these days will talk about the dumbest things. Just watch the dumb stuff being told and debated on tv. Which I hardly watch anyway. Talking that is of no value to anyone.
    But when mention this topic of breast massage they act like "oh no."

    By the way, I love all of your articles (or called blogs?). Been reading all of them. Saving and printing off a few.

    If you think they are so dumb about talking and learning the breast should see the moms when I mention enemas!
    When I mention giving an enema I get the "ewhhhw...not that" reactions.

    I left a few comments on your enema blog. Love it. This (breast massage) and enema blog are well written and done.

    Your "how to" list is the best.

    Sometimes I do a self breast massage right before I get an enema. Have all prepared for the enema...while laying on bed or table...give self massage. So relaxing and so good to do.
    Also nice to massage when laying in tub of warm water.

    Then I get the enema after getting a massage. While holding the enema for a few minutes...about 10 to 15..I continue with the breast massage.

    Sometimes I have a friend who gives the massage. When she is visiting for a few days she will give me one and me her. Glad you told "in the mood." Also makes it better.

    Carol A

    1. I'm glad you enjoy my "how to" series, as these are usually my favourite blog posts to write! Maybe it's time for another one soon!

      I completely agree on what you said about dumb (and often vulgar) content on tv, yet still breasts are considered "too vulgar" 🙈 But I'm pretty positive that our world is generally changing for the better, learning to be vulnerable and finally look at all the painful topics that have been rejected and suppressed for very long.

      I've never thought of combining the self massage with an enema. Interesting!
      I hope I'll have a bathtub someday again, that sounds great.