6 Easy Hairstyles For Straight-Across Bangs

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This will be the last part of my ongoing "hairstyles for different hair lengths" series. I started this when I still had 50 centimetres / 20 inches of long hair, then did another post after I had chopped off and donated my hair and was left with chin-length short hair. I posted another hairstyle update on the in-between stage of shoulder-length hair

That was over a year ago, and as I have since then cut my own bangs it's time for a fourth and final update! The last time I've had bangs was when I was about eight years old, so this was another experiment for me, and I'm actually pretty glad I did this because I really like the way that bangs make certain hairstyles (that I've worn without bangs before) much more balanced and beautiful.

So without any further ado, here are my favourite 6 ways to wear my straight-cut bangs.


(1) The Blair Waldorf

This first one isn't really a "hairstyle", but anyways. It's cute, alright? :)

Blair Waldorf's signature hair accessory is definitely a headband. She wears her hair in loose, but polished waves with lots of volume. Make sure to not wear your hair messy, and perhaps even straighten your bangs. As for the actual hairstyle, just wear your hair down. Neatly comb your bangs, and put on a headband (or even a headscarf). That's it!

Personally I find that headbands work great with bangs because that way they sit in the centre of your head and give off a balanced, and slightly more romantic look.

(2) The Pin Back

The great thing about bangs is that you can easily get away with simple hair styles that will still look rather put together. All you need for this is to take a strand of hair right above your ear, and divide it into two smaller strands. The bigger the strand(s), the more visible this little hairstyle is. Cross over each other once or twice, and pin back with a bobby pin. I tried to hide my bobby pins by sticking it right through the twisted hair. Repeat on the other side. And you're done!

(3) The French Twin Braids

To me this hair style is the epitome of "2018 festival hair", and personally I think this looks better with bangs because it makes the braids less severe and a little more playful. I've already shown you a similar look in my last hair style blog post (Nr. 6), but I think it looks less child-like and just way better with bangs!

To create this look you want to part your entire hair down the middle – as neatly as possible. Now you need to braid both sections into tight French braids (or reverse French braids aka Dutch braids aka Boxer braids, as seen in the left picture above). To do so divide each section into three parts. To begin the first braid cross the right strand over (or in the case of a Dutch braid: under) the middle strand, then repeat this move with left strand, and pull fairly tight. 

Before repeating your cross-over motion, gather a little bit of additional hair from the right side and add it to the right section. Cross this larger portion of hair over the middle section of the braid. Now gather a small section (of equal size to the one you just gathered) of the remaining hair on the left side of your braid, add that to the left section, and cross that over (or under) the middle section.

Continue adding hair to your "outer" sections until you've gathered in all additional hair strands of your first braid. Finish at the bottom with a regular braid. Secure the end with a hair tie. 

Repeat the same process on the other side of your head for your second French (or Dutch) braid. If you prefer a fuller, less neat look, loosen the braids by gently pulling them apart.

This hair style is not only a cute festival look, but also great for working out or doing chores. Or to go to sleep with and wake up with naturally wavy hair! #IjustWokeUpLikeThis πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

(4) The Hat Piece

This next one is super easy. Simply wear your hair down, and put on a conductor hat, also known as a sailor hat. You can also wear a beret instead. I think this combo looks super adorable! Especially with bangs because your hair won't just stick out at the sides like a Hagrid-esque triangle, lol.

If you want to spice it up a bit you can braid your hair into a classic plait, or into the French Twin Braids from Nr (3) or even my tiny pigtails. So cute!

(5) The Princess Leia

This is probably the hardest hairstyle of this list because while one bun always turns out great, the other one is a lil b*tch and always takes me a dozen attempts to get it right πŸ˜… Can you spot the ugly twin in the pics above? πŸ™ˆ Anyway, to achieve this Princess Leia inspired look, part your hair down the middle. Create a loose pigtail on each side, relatively high up but also more at the front (so not as far back as space buns). Secure with a hair tie. 

Wrap your hair around the base of each pigtail to form little buns. Tug around to make them as neat or messy as you like. I prefer mine to be messy, with some tendrils to frame my face. 

Secure with bobby pins, and pretend you're Princess Leia! (Or don't.)

(6) The Milk Maid

Lastly, classic milkmaid braids – aka Heidi braids aka Princess Leia's braids that she wears in "The Empire Strikes Back". These look sooo cute with bangs! Once again divide your hair into two even sections. It doesn't need to be precise, so long as you have an even amount of hair on each side. Plait one side into a simple three strand braid, starting just above your ear. Tie off with a clear elastic. Gently pull at your braid for a fuller look. 

Repeat on the other side.

Take one braid and place it over the top of your head like a headband. Secure with bobby pins every few inches along the plait. Now do the same with the other braid, placing it just behind the left one. Tuck the end underneath the first braid and pin in place.  

If you have long hair, and find that your plaits don't finish in the centre of your head, you can bring them down behind your ears, or even along the nape of your neck, and secure them. If your hair is really long you could actually Dutch-braid all the way around your head – that way the "halo" continues even at the back.

Again, pull out a few tendrils to frame your face, and you're done.

For an equally beautiful variation create two twist braids instead of three strand braids. You achieve this by dividing the hair you want to "braid" into two sections and then twisting those two sections in the same direction. You then cross/twist them around each other in the opposite direction. Lastly, pin up your twist braids as described above, and secure with bobby pins.

Which hairstyle is your favourite? 
And which are your personal go-to styles for straight-cut bangs?