50 Shades of Feminine

reading time: 2 min

 (never thought I'd reference 50 Shades of Grey in the context of feminism...)

In honour of today's International Women's Day I want to celebrate the diversity of feminine beauty. Of course there are many, many more shades of femininity, but my selection of 50 facets of femininity gives an impression of how versatile and yet distinctive femininity is.

I'll be honest: I'm still struggling with feeling confident in my own femininity, and I admire women that are unabashedly "feminine", proudly and lovingly rocking their curves and edges, literally and figuratively: their dark circles, their stretch marks, uneven breasts, post-pregnancy belly, cellulite, chubby cheeks, bitten finger nails, crooked nose, bushy eyebrows or no visible eyebrows at all, love handles, wrinkles, skin blemishes... All of those scars and bruises are part of our beauty, our uniqueness. Let's cherish that!

My next blog post will be all about how to activate and embrace you feminine qualities, where I'll also talk about the difference between femininity and masculinity. For now I want to conclude what aspects in the pictures above are explicitly "feminine".

- "put-together" appearance
- kind/happy/playful/confident personality and posture (smiling, laughing, raised or spread arms, taking up space)
- long/wavy/well-groomed/adorned hair (e.g. up-do, braids, headscarf)
- dress, long and flowy
- skirt, long and flowy
- light and bright colours (e.g. red, white, blush)
- slightly figure-hugging fit
- soft pastels
- patterns (e.g. floral, polka dots, stripes)
- loose, flowing fabrics
- fluffy and textured materials (e.g. velvet, faux fur, wool, lace)
- hats
- scarves, kerchiefs
- purse
- heels
- jewellery
- nail polish
- eye make-up
- lipstick
- a bit of skin peaking through, or a lot if that is what you prefer (belly, shoulders, back, décolletage, ankles, legs)

Don't get me wrong – this doesn't mean you can't wear baggy hoodies or your beloved mom jeans any more! Of course you can! It's your body, your choice. And it doesn't make you any less of a woman or a feminine person. However, just be aware that your clothing is also a means of enhancing either your feminine (yin) or your masculine (yang) energy. And perhaps, like me, you'd like to play around more with feminine accessories and clothes to accentuate your own natural beauty.

In honour of all women that came before us, are with us now and are yet to come, let's celebrate our femininity today!

Be proud of this body of yours – it's one of a kind, and it's all yours and yours only!
If you are not comfortable with publicly showcasing your body, give it some love by taking a long shower or smother it in a nourishing body lotion today.
Wear your favourite outfit.
Fuel your body with wholesome food and energizing movement. 
Write a list of at least 25 things (no less!) you like about yourself.
Dance, sing, have fun!
You deserve it.
Appreciate other women's (or feminine person's) unique beauty today as well, for there is nothing more wonderful than female support and community. (Male support is important too, of course!) Perhaps compliment somebody on either their inner or outer beauty, their personality or their actions. What do you value in other women?