Autumn Child

reading time: 1 min

I can never settle for an all-time favourite season, but I do love especially the phases of transition in the year. 

Whereas spring brings the sweet promise of soft sun rays and blossoming life, autumn is such a bitter-sweet and magical time. A time of hot cocoa and fantasy books, of snuggling against chunky knit sweaters and nibbling nut-infused chocolate whilst watching the first Halloween themed movies, as the leaves are beginning to rust and turn yellow, red and rusty brown, ready to fall and scatter. 

There's something thrilling and wonderful about the turn of the seasons. It gives me a frisson of excitement and of melancholy at the same time, as the last warm breath of summer fades away and the days become darker and colder. It is the time of stormy nights and foggy mornings, but also of golden September light filtering through the whispering canopy. And it makes me want to be writing, or reading, and snuggle up in my favourite hoodie. 

Perhaps I am biased. Born in late September, right at the fall equinox, I am and will always be an autumn child by birth. Here's to you, autumn! 🍁

dress: ? (thrifted)
blouse: Tchibo (thrifted)
boots: Geo Naturware (handed down) 
tights: Tchibo (old)
coat: United Colors of Benetton (thrifted)