Painting with Mascara: Crying Eye

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Hi there, it's me, the emo creative spirit behind this blog 😂 Speaking of the blog: I'm super bummed out that all Google+ accounts are being shut down by April, meaning that all G+ comments (which are 99% of the comments on my blog) are also going to be deleted. I went ahead and changed my blog profile from Google+ to Blogger, meaning that all of my G+ comments are no longer visible – oh, and the G+ followers are gone as well 😔 As sad as this makes me because I've had so many lovely comments in the past! – it's not like I lost my keys or my computer broke down. I'll be fine.


Like I mentioned in my Valentine's post I spent last week alone by myself, and during that week I picked up my pencil (or rather: my used up mascaras) and sat down one afternoon to "paint" this crying eye – using nothing but five used up mascaras! By the way, I used this picture as my reference, and I looove how the black tears fit the mascara theme :)
A couple of years ago I did something similar using a Marilyn Monroe picture as a template, and since I had a couple of half dried-out mascara tubes flying around in my cupboard I decided to make some creative use out of them. If you haven't tried this painting method yet, definitely give it a go! It's super fun (and environmental friendly I guess because you "recycle" your used up cosmetics), although I have to say it's quite tricky because the mascara wand is pretty thick and therefore hard to control, and at the same time the product is very dry and crumbly and flaky, therefore it won't always do as you wish. I hereby challenge you to do some mascara art! 😜