1 Day of Self Care for Body, Mind & Soul

reading time: 3 min

Today is my birthday! I'm turning 27 on this rainy, stormy late summer's day, and what better way to celebrate this fresh year of my life than by taking care of myself. Given that I have the day off, and I'll be alone until this afternoon, I wanted to use that time to focus on myself and give myself some true loving care.

Inspired by Renee Amberg's video, I decided to do 3 x 3 things that would not only pamper my body, but also my mind and my soul (or my heart, or whatever you want to call that invisible spirit inside you). So 3 things for my body, 3 things for my mind, and 3 things for my soul. I also decided to document what I did with photos to maybe inspire some of you to do the same :)


Starting off with the most basic and important part of my existence: my body. The vessel that carries me through this life. There are many things you can do to treat yourself in terms of you body, such as face masks, a hot bath, take a walk in nature, dry-brush, dance, take a power nap... but I decided to go with the three things that are most important to me at the moment: taking time for a slow little morning routine, moving my body, and eating more healthfully again.

#1: cleansing, calming morning regiment: oil pulling, tooth brushing, face misting (with rosewater from Morocco) 

#2: practice yoga (in my case: Happy Birthday Yoga with my all-time favourite Adriene)


#3: make healthy food choices (for me that was a nourishing green smoothie with banana, mango, lettuce, mint, chia seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, maca powder and soy milk for breakfast – followed up with a lovely pancake brunch with my boyfriend a couple of hours later)


When it comes to my mind, that little restless monkey tap-dancing around in my head, I find that autogenic training such as meditation, body perception and breathing exercises are the most powerful tools to find ease even in hectic times. Empowering books from authors like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie or the Dalai Lama also help to get back in touch with your own truth. And lastly, my favourite way to bring some more structure and order into my life is to declutter that mess outside (aka my wardrobe, my office, my drawers...) to also feel less chaotic inside :)

#1: do meditation / body scan

#2: read a self help book (the one I'm into at the moment is The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm, but I'm also curious to read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle soon)

#3: declutter & organize


Lastly, and possibly most importantly: your soul. Your heart. Your innermost being. To nurture and care for that part of myself, the key is to surround myself with inspiring and empowering people and objects. This could be a great book to cosy up on the sofa with, or cuddling with my boyfriend and talking about us and the universe. It also helps to give thanks to what I have, creating that fuzzy feeling of love and happiness inside of me :) Since it is my birthday, I decided to take this day to write down what I envision for this new year of my life.


#1: read something cosy (currently reading: Der Pfau by Isabel Bogdan (German for: The Peacock), a hilarious novel / social satire set in a remote valley in the Scottish highlands)


#2: gratitude journal / birthday resolutions

#3: spend time with loved ones

What do YOU do to look after yourself?

Remember: The most important thing about this self care day is that you do what feels right for you