8 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Long time, no blogpost. The reason for that is that my boyfriend and I moved house two weeks ago, and we still don't have internet -.- Above that, there's just sooo much to do in the house and so much to buy (or thrift if possible), and at the moment we still eat from tiny plates using my kids cutlery from when I was a child 😂


After chopping off and donating 30 centimeters of my hair it was time for me to try out new hairstyles to match the shortness of my graduated bob. I do love my new hair length (it's sooo low maintenance and still looks like you've styled your hair, lol), but it was a little bit of a challenge to find a variety of different hairstyles to switch up my day-to-day look.

Here are 8 easy hairstyles for chin-length hair and medium-short bobs :)


(1) The Man Bun

This is my most used hairstyle, and it's also the usual hairstyle of my boyfriend,  except with shaved sides and a beard, lol. For this messy little top bun, section off the middle part of your hair, gather that section into a ponytail with your fingers, and start tying a ponytail. However, only pull it halfway through your hair tie. Repeat pulling through and twisting your hair like that until you've reached the last twist of the elastic. That's it.

(2) The Side Twist

A super cute and easy way to keep the fringe part of your hair out of your face. All you have to do for this is section off two small hair strands from the top of your head, twist them around each other and pin them back with bobby pins. You can either pin one side back, or both. 

To simplify this hairstyle even more, just use one strand of hair, twist it, and pin it back.

(3) The Headband

Headbands and bandannas are an easy and effective way to add a stylish touch and a pop of colour to your short hair. I like to pull back the top of my hair into a small ponytail or a fountain (see Nr 6) or even a man bun, and tie it off with an elastic. The higher the ponytail sits on your head, the better it looks with your headband. 

In the pictures above you can see me wear a tied bandanna, as well as a stretchy headband.

Headband: Put the headband in place by pulling it over your head, that way you will avoid pushing your hair up towards the top. 

Bandanna: Either wrap it around the back of your head and tie a knot on the top, or wrap it around your head twice (or turn the headband so that the knot is at the nape of your neck and not exposed) and tie it at the bottom, maybe leaving the cloth dangle down like I did in the first picture, for a bit of a boho vibe.

(4) The Up Do

This is a nifty style for pulling your hair up even though it's too short for any ponytail that doesn't make you look like Agnes from Despicable Me - cough - pineapple! - cough. Grab all your hair and pull back as much as you can into a ponytail. Secure with a hair tie, coil it around, and clamp it back with a claw clip. As for those pieces of hair at the nape of your neck that are way too short to fit into the ponytail, pin those up against the back of your head with some bobby pins. Ta-daa!

(5) The Clip Back

For this easy half up style grab the top section of your hair, finger-comb it and bring it to the back of your head. Twist the section, slightly pull up the crown area for more volume, and secure with a claw clip. 

(6) The Fountain

This is the super cute, easy and actually wearable variation of the Agnes-pineapple look. All you do is section off the top layer of your hair, use your fingers to brush back your hair, and tie a small ponytail at the crown of your head! You can also take a small hair bow or a pretty hair clip to make this look even more girly.

(7) The Braided Bangs

Another great way to keep my bangs away from my face is creating one or two Dutch braids. Starting at your center part, start to french(or rather: dutch)-braid your fringe section back, adding small pieces of hair as you go. Once you've braided past your ear, do a normal braid and secure the ends with a hair tie. Pin back with bobby pins and cover with a few strands of hair. 

Repeat on the other side for a hair crown sort of look, or leave as is.

(8) The Butterfly Twists

Beside the man bun and the "fountain" those Lizzie McGuire style twists are one of my favourite ways to wear my short hair. Part your hair in the middle, and section off two big strands from the top of your head. Twist each section and clamp it back with a butterfly clip. I also like to push the twisted sections slightly forward for some more volume before clipping them back.

Of course, you can go as 90s with this hairstyle as you want, and do three or four or five rows instead of two :)

Which hairstyle is your favourite? 
And which are your personal go-to hairstyles?