How I Quit Sugar | 1 Month of No Sugar

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Could you go without sugar for a month? I say you can! Here's how I did it.

So here I am, one month to a day since I started my No-Sugar Challenge. First off, I kind of failed. I did not go sugar-free for an entire month. Secondly, I still succeeded because I managed to reduce my sugar intake and cravings for chocolate to a minimum, AND I noticed a bunch of benefits from it. However, I still want to continue with a low-sugar lifestyle because I don't think I really detoxified my body in that regard.

Here is how I quit sugar for a month (more or less).

Keep Your Home Sugar-Free

This might seem obvious, but is one of the most important steps to ensure sugar-free eating. If it's at home, you're going to eat it – trust me. So get rid of that bag of chips (yes, those also contain sugar a lot of times!), those chocolate bars and those bottles of coke! Instead of throwing them in the trash, give your sugary food items to friends, colleges or family members I'm sure they will be more than happy to take care of them ;-)

You can easily leave out the sugar in the dough to make those cinnamon buns completely sugar-free.

Fill Your Pantry With Sugar-Free Treats

In case that appetite (or sugar craving) strikes, you need to have a sugar-free alternative at hand. Of course, you can always make your own (such as my beloved banana oatmeal cookies or my chocolate nut truffles), but seeing as humans are lazy and seduceable, you should always have a quick and easy option at home and/or in your handbag.  

Choose A Save Environment

This is optional, but will make the transition to a sugar-free diet much, much easier. By "save" I mean an environment that doesn't tempt you to choose sugary options all the time. Tell your friends or your colleges at work about your sugar detox so that they can help you to keep to your resolution. Also, be smarter than me and don't choose a holiday such as Easter or Christmas right at the beginning of your detox. Going on vacation during your detox can also be difficult because you might be eating out more or feeling in "holiday mode" where you probably eat more unhealthy than usual.

Sub the 2 tbsp of honey for more dates or vanilla to make those vanilla truffles completely sugar-free.

Go Cold Turkey!

This is probably the best tip I've got for you. Instead of easing into a sugar-free diet, cut sugar out completely in order to reset your body so you are not craving sweets. You will have to check food labels for ingredients to make sure that NO sugar is added to them. This is necessary because numerous food items such as ketchup, mustard, hummus etc. contain sugar even though you might not think they do. By going cold turkey, you might also experience withdrawal symptoms such as "toxic hunger", fatigue, headaches, or moodiness, but don't worry, if you "stay clean" the symptoms will end eventually. 

Cook At Home

Now the last and most sustainable tip is to cook at home. That way you not only have control over the ingredients, but it will also save you a lot of money (unless you live in Asia where it can indeed be cheaper to eat out than cook at home). In case you are lacking inspiration, there are loads of healthy, mostly sugar-free recipes on my blog. Or just search the inter-webs for sugar-free desserts (and by sugar-free I mean: free of ANY added sugars, including maple syrup, stevia, agave nectar, xylitol, honey or splenda).

If you haven't done the 1-month sugar detox yet, I challenge you to start TODAY! No excuses. If you fail, just get back up! We can do this!!

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