DIY Coin Necklace

reading time: 3 min

Hello fellow crafters!

I've been longing to make a DIY again, and here it is, one of the crafts that I've been wanting to make for over 3 years now!!

Last afternoon, my boyfriend and I finally got around to do a little crafting session making these. If you ask me, coin necklaces are not only a cute and unique piece of fashion, but also a great way to "recycle" old coins that you brought home from travelling. It's super easy to make, too.

Here's how you do it:

You need:
- any pretty coins of your choice (I cleaned mine beforehand)
- chains (of different lengths)
- jump rings
- an electric drill with boring heads for drilling metal
- and pliers to open and close the jump rings 

Step 01

The drilling. Fortunately my boyfriend was around to give me a hand with this as I am not really comfortable with electric machines of any sort - except for kitchen tools, lol. We used an old wooden board for support and a pipe wrench to hold the coin down while drilling. You might be left with a rough edge around the hole so file this down if this is the case.

Step 02

Attach the jump rings to your coins using pliers. I made the mistake to drill the hole too far to the centre, so the jump ring wouldn't fit in the hole. If you happen to have some gauge wire at home like I did, you can simply use a bit of that to make your own jump rings.

Step 03 

Lastly, hook up the jump ring to your chain - I decided to add two coins to one chain and for this I needed three jump rings to connect them (see below.) And that's pretty much it! Easy, right?

Personally, I like to use chains of different length to wear them in layers, but that's totally up to you of course. 

There are lots of ways to turn old coins into jewellery - as pendants for necklaces or bracelets, as earrings, or tied into your shoe lace. Either way, this DIY is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, you might also want to give them away as gifts or even sell them.

BTW: I used a Russian, an Italian and a French coin for this as well as a Russian metro coin - because the M fits the initial of my first name :)

Have fun making these, and good luck! :)