Happy Earth Day!

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Dear fellow Earthlings,
it's  E A R T H D A Y  today, and to celebrate me and my boyfriend went to the river where we planted our baby tree exactly one year ago (still don't know if it's a beech or a hazelnut tree though, lol // EDIT: it's an alder tree!!). Not only my hair has grown since then, but also the tree (here's what it looked like last autumn). I'm so glad our tree baby made it through winter, it's budding at the moment and i cannot wait to one day wrap my arms around its trunk

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze, calm & excite me, so here's your yearly reminder to protect the world we live in. Recycle when you can and choose eco-friendly options (i listed a bunch of easy options over here), don't drink bottled water and reduce your meat consumption - we only have one planet, so take care of it. I know we all got problems going on but it's gonna be everyone's problem when Mother Nature comes to a point where she can't heal herself any more. Our actions matter. 

It might sounds strange, but the first change you can make to help the planet is what's on your plate. To make meat takes thousand of gallons of water and tonnes and tonnes of crops to feed the animals raised for 'food'. Not to mention, acres and acres of land are being cleared to make space for animal factories, animals that release gases harmful to the planet. Let's hope that more people are learning and appreciating the earth we live in and what can do to help it. It's funny how everyone makes a big deal about taking shorter showers, turning the lights off and taking public transport rather than driving a car when in reality, animal agriculture is the main cause of global warming!? Every single second a rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed JUST to make 257 hamburgers. For one of those hamburgers it requires 660 gallons of water to produce, which is equal to 2 months worth of showering for one person. Not to mention raising animals for food consumes 1/3 of all the planets fresh water, occupies up to 45% of the earth's land and is responsible for up to 91% of the Amazon rainforest destruction.  

Let's be completely clear here: We rid the world of life providing trees to raise animals only to kill them using the food that could be fed to humans. >> Go make a change and go vegan!

By going vegan for only one day, you already cut your carbon footprint in half, you save 1100 Gallons of water, 40 lbs of grain, 30 Sq Ft of Forest, 20 lbs of Co2, and most importantly one innocent animal's life. That is the difference that YOU can make everyday.

Look at nature's jewels and candy! I absolutely love spring blossoms, daisies and strawberries. I love the cool breeze gently blowing through fresh green grass, and i love to let my face be kissed by warm sun rays breaking through the cotton ball clouds.

My boyfriend - who is not vegan by the way, in case you're wondering - and i took the opportunity of visiting our baby tree to have a little picnic by the riverside, snack on sweet strawberries, fly a kite and just enjoy this lovely spring day!

Thank you, beautiful planet, for making trees and mangoes, strawberries, sunflowers, air, forests, beaches, seasons, and all the lovely people in my life! ♡