DIY Sleepy Bunny Bags

reading time: ca. 2 min

Hello there little crafty bunnies :) 
i promised there would be more DIYs, and so i deliver! Today we're making "Sleepy Bunny Bags" that can be used as lavender bags or gift/candy pouches, just in time for Easter season. They are inspired by this post by probablyactually, and I'm using the template by Merrilee from her original Bunny Candy Pouch at mer mag.

You need:
- two patches of fabric (i'm using pastel coloured floral ones, each 13.5 cm x 7.5 cm)
- needle and thread
- scissors
- template of some sort, either self-drawn or copied
- filling of choice: dried lavender blossoms, toys, nuts, jewelry, candy...

Step 01

Take your template (as mentioned i'm using the one from MerMag: click!) and draw it onto your fabric (flipside). I altered mine a little bit, rounding the lower edges and changing the nose/mouth design. I also included some stitching lines for inside the ears. 

Now cut out both pieces, back and front, and stitch the little sleepy-face onto the front. I then also embroidered the ears at this point.

Step 02

Now it's time to sew. Get out your needle and yarn - i'm using a baby blue one that matches my fabric -, and lay the two pieces of fabric, back and front, on top of each other with the stitched/printed side facing the outside. Secure with pins and sew along the edges of the fabric. 

Note: leave a gap between the bunny ears because this is where you are going to insert your filling!


Step 3

You're almost done. Just fill the bunny bags with your filling of choice (i'm going for lavender) and tie the ears together with a ribbon. Now your Sleepy Bunny Bag is complete! Isn't it absolutely adorable with its sleepy little eyes? Aaaww...!

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but you can see it was made with love :) and it's still pretty cute, right? makes a great little gift for a loved one - who also appreciates handcraft.
Now it's time for little bunnies to sleep ...zzZZZ...



  1. adorable!! i love your "signature" bunny at the end of every post too *-*