DIY Christmas Cards + Earrings

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What is a better gesture of love than a handmade Christmas card? (Alright, maybe some homemade cookies, but that's as good as it gets!) I spent last night crafting 4 fairly easy Christmas cards, and wanted to share these ideas with you. (Plus an additional quick how-to for DIY bauble earrings!) Here we go!

You will need:
Card stock
Wrapping paper
(everything else is absolutely optional)

Number 1: Cute as a Button

- pine sprig
- coloured buttons
- tacky glue

First draw freehand ribbons and hooks for your button baubles, then glue on the buttons and the pine sprig. Done. I decided to add a few tiny details: a red bow that i drew on top of one of my baubles, a hand written "happy holidays" greeting in one corner, and part of a paper snowflake which i made from tracing paper.

Number 2: Simplicity is Key

- festive card stock, i chose shimmery gold
- a printed napkin (or even wrapping paper instead)

Carefully peel off the very first layer of the napkin (or just use a pretty piece of wrapping paper), cut out the desired motif and gently glue it onto your card. Done. Can it get any easier than this?!

Number 3: To my Deer Family

This is a card i "accidentally" made last year for Saint Nicholas Day - it's lots of fun if you want to play around with some leftover household items. In my case it wasn't even supposed to be a card, i - erm - honestly just had a piece of paper with some brown spots on it because i had been painting the other day, and somehow i decided to make reindeer heads out of these spots. To make them a little cuter i also drew some ears and mouths, hair and beard on them. Yeah, i went kinda crazy ...

Noses: various beads and one brass fastener.
Antlers: matchsticks, nails and some wire, respectively.

Papa Deer even got a little wrapping paper neck-tie. Oh, and i glued some googly eyes on them, too! And that's how Baby Deer, Papa Deer, Mama Deer and Teenie Deer came about. It's kinda cute though, isn't it?

It goes without saying that you have to address your loved ones with "Deer (name)", of course ;-)

Number 4: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

- white or printed paper
- printed wrapping paper
- some narrow gift ribbon 
- some glitter

Now for my favourite card: Cut out three ornament circles from the wrapping paper. Fold in half and attach the halves back to back except for the two "outer" ones; those will be glued to the card. Cover card with white or printed paper, glue the ribbon thread to it, then a ribbon bow, then the 3D bauble, and decorate with glitter, writing and a thin strip of wrapping paper at the edge, if you like.
Oh, and i also drew a tiny red nosed reindeer onto the envelope! Isn't it cute? 


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BONUS: 2-minute Bauble Earrings

Last but not least i've got one final DIY to share with you: Christmas Earrings that will only take 2 minutes and 2 items to make!

- a pair of baubles (which ever colour you like, i went for a classy gold)
- a pair of earring hooks

Take off the little "lid" of the bauble, attach the earring hook to the loop, put it back onto the baubles and voilĂ ! There you have your 2-minute Christmas Earrings.

That's it!

Ah, these were so much fun to make :) I hope you found some of it useful!

Do you usually write Christmas cards? I have to admit, i was never really a Christmas card writing type of person, but that's going to change right now.

Wishing you a lovely weekend ~