DIY Love Bracelet

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hey there, love
inspired by my own beloved YES bracelet seen in the picture above - which, yes, i do wear every day - i decided to try and make a metal bracelet myself. i have never done anything like that before, but it actually turned out quite nice, so i wanted to share this DIY. if i can do it, you can do it, too.

you need:
- some wire (i used copper, 1 mm / 18 gauge)
- round-nose pliers
- a chain or ribbon or any sort of bracelet material

and beside that you only need a little patience. 

Step 01

Cut off a piece of your wire, so it will be easier to work on: around 4-6 inches for the "love" design. Curling the wire around the tip of your round-nose pliers form a little loop at one end of the wire - that's where you'll be attaching your chain/ribbon later on.

Using your round-nose pliers and your fingers, carefully form the wire into the word "love". Take advantage of your pliers' round nose by wrapping the wire around it and get the round shapes you want for your "handwritten" design.

Obviously you can choose any other statement you like, e.g. "faith", "hope", "luck", "live", or a name. Whatever floats your boat! Either way i found it helpful to use a handwritten template in order to get the loops and bends right.
(recognize the little origami heart from the last DIY that i snuck in there? :)

Step 02

Once you have done that (it takes only a few minutes, but if you're new to this and still trying to get a feel for the wire, it might take you a little longer to get the hang of it. i recommend listening to music or even watching a film while practising), form another loop at the other end of your word, and cut off any excess wire. if needed, smooth down the edges with a metal file.

Using your fingers you can slightly bend and stretch the wire-word if necessary to straighten out any flaws. Also, carefully bend it to fit the shape of your wrist.

Step 3

Now for the actual bracelet - or necklace, actually! - , take a chain, a ribbon, some yarn, some wire or whatever else. If you want to go for metal (either a chain or some more wire) make sure it fits the metal of your wire-word. For example, i used copper for my wire-word and gold for the chain, because they are both warm-coloured metals. Another great option would have been rose gold, bronze or brass. However, i wouldn't match copper with cold-coloured metals such as silver.
Size your wrist - or neck - and cut however much wire/chain/ribbon you need, apply it to both sides of your wire-word and secure it well.
Instead of this you could also make the entire bracelet out of one piece of wire, like so. (take a 1 mm/18 gauge wire at least, to be more solid). 

as you can see, it took me three attempts for this, too. 
it's still not a masterpiece, but pretty enough for me to wear and be proud of :) or as a little gift for someone who appreciates handcraft.

random side note: i love my family. the way they will randomly start singing, humming or whistling (off-key) "Into the West" from Lord of the Rings is just marvellous. 

Truly Lovely

EDIT: Thanks so much to Kassi and Kayli and Leah for featuring me on their amazing blogs! all the best ~

"Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly." ~ Robert Schull



  1. das ssieht richtig cool aus - aber irgendwie klingt/sieht es auch voll kompliziert.. aber ich glaube, dass ich auch mehrere versuche brauche hihihi^^

    &hhaa, ja danke für deinen tipp ^^.... Sojasoße hatte ich bei dem tofu für die veganen sommerrollen benutzt! war echt yummy ^.^glaub aber, dass ich eine andere marke hatte ^.^

    1. danke :) also ich bin ein sehr, seeehr ungeduldiger mensch und wie gesagt, ich hab das auch zum ersten mal gemacht, von daher k a n n es gar nicht so kompliziert sein :'D man muss einfach langsam arbeiten, glaub ich. es lohnt sich auf jeden fall :)

  2. I really love these! You make it looks so easy but I would probably have the wire wrapped to look nothing like letters! Thanks for linking up to the Friday Follow Along and make sure you stop by tomorrow because we are featuring your love bracelet!

    1. Believe me, I am definitely not the most patient person on earth, and I'm a total newbie when it comes to wire art, so it can't be all too difficult :) Just give it a try and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. and get totally addicted probably.

      Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! all the best ~