Strawberry Sunday

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I'm proud to announce that I came to accomplish one of my tasks from Day Zero Project yesterday: 
strawberry picking

Sweet, right? (seewhatididthere) Yeah. Guess what I ate for breakfast today. And for lunch. Aand... no, I'm only joking. or am I? 

Anyways, this weekend I went to visit my little brother (he's way bigger than me, who am I kidding, but still he's my little brother) and we decided to go strawberry picking since he happens to live in a village near a big strawberry field. 

As you can see below, this year's summer decided to behave like April: rain-swept, foggy and cold. Not exactly the perfect strawberry-picking-weather, but that didn't really bother us. We wanted to go strawberry picking, so we did. Wearing rubber boots. Yep, that's how we roll.

Gotcha! Ooh yeah, the very first strawberry I picked : )
adorable little girl running through the fields with her toy sheep

Top right: 
little brother holding up a slightly crippled but dearly loved (and later lovingly devoured) strawberry.
Top left:
brother's best friend who came to surprise us in the fields after hearing that I was in town for a visit. such a sweetheart ♡

After almost an hour of crouching between greens and thistles, searching for berries with one hand while holding my camera with the other and being watered by rain, the sun finally decided to come out and join us for a bit. See, how it dipped the fields in this soft hazy light?

The Life of a Strawberry:
1) pale baby berry.
2) lush and full of life adult.
3) strawberry corpse.

Success! Hardboiled hunters bringing home their prey ; ) All in all we got 5 kg ( = 11 lbs) of handpicked strawberries! And probably ate at least another kilo while picking, haha. I was completely soaked and chilled to the bones afterwards, but happy as a bunny. It was totally worth it.
I mean, just look at that ruby red treasure. Yum yum yum! ♡

I ate them all by myself in one sitting. That's right.

Happy Sunday, summer-lovers ~



  1. strawberries <3 snacking on some right now haha !! where do you live? looks gorge :)

    1. <3 i'd love to live in a warmer, more tropical area but unfortunately i'm stuck in cold northern europe :)